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Kagame: “Rwandan exiled officials are like excreted human waste”

Paul Kagame is not upset by those 'human waste'

Paul Kagame is not upset by 'human waste'

In a speech Tuesday afternoon at the Parliamentary buildings,  President Paul Kagame took a few minutes to talk in perplexing terms about those officials who flee the country.

He was swearing in: General James Kabarebe, former chief of defence staff who has been appointed to be new defence minister, Lieutenant General Charles Kayonga, former Army chief of staff who has been promoted to be chief of defence staff, Lieutenant General Ceaser Kayizari who is the new army chief of staff, and Lieutenant General Charles Muhire, former commander of Rwanda air force who has been appointed to be commander of the reserve forces.

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in Kinyarwanda.

In the strongest comments so far on officials who have been fleeing the country, the President compared them to human waste which the body expels because it does not need it.

“Those fleeing are like [the waste] being excreted,” he said amid applause, before he had even completed the idea he was advancing. “It means the country has sieved.”

He added: “Those who do good for the country [as well as] understanding the role they have, the country owns them…they live in it. But for the waste, the country throws them out. These are things that are automatic. If that is how it’s supposed to be, so be it.

President Kagame did not make any specific attacks at any individuals but it was clear he was firing at ex-army chiefs Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa, Col. Patrick Karegeya – exiled in South Africa, and other officials like previous ministers or ambassadors.

While winding up his 20-minute diatribe, pounding the podium and not reading a prepared speech, President Kagame reminded that whoever tries to “provoke the country into war” should be prepared to face the repercussions.


1 Tubanambazi { 04.14.10 at 8:06 am }

Kagame be carefully at one time we shall oust you from power. Who are you anyway? Do you know how many Rwandan that are not behind you? Wait time will tell.

2 Innocent Nsengiyumva { 04.14.10 at 8:32 am }

This is very shocking and worrying to say the least when a Head of State labels part of his people as ” human waste”. I remember one political commentator saying that it is very dangerous for a country when an individual or a group of individuals claim to have a monopoly of knowledge. I invite every peace loving people and friends of Rwanda to pray for that country. These statements are a bad omen for the country.

What would he say if someone did use the same word, I feel ashamed and shaking even to write the words he used, to describe those who fled the country in 1959 for their dear lives including himself and others and now leading the country.

It is the minimum standard in the rwandan culture to respect other people for their humanity even if they have made wrong judgments or made mistakes. There is a kinyarwanda saying that ” Utazi ubwenge ashima ubwe”.

I Nsengiyumva

3 Tricia { 04.14.10 at 9:17 am }

Come on people, in his speech President Kagame never uttered the words excrement! His likening the society to to the human body that will keep things that are good for and reject what affects it does not spell out “Rwandan officials are like human excrement” stop putting words into his mouth. Once again this article just serves as a means of making President Kagame look very bad.
President Kagame has over the last 7 years worked hard to ensure that all Rwandans live in a dignified society, Rwandans today are proud of what their country has become. So don’t feel sorry for Rwanda, be sorry that you are not a part of the impressive wave of change transforming Rwanda today. Shame on you all for not even trying.

4 Gigi { 04.14.10 at 9:31 am }

Nsengiyunva, i think you are trying to blow things out of proportions here – you are trying to be ominous, an alarmist. This is what Kagame was saying yesterday, people should desist from being alarmists and rumour mongers. In that speech, the President was trying to use a scientific example to explain himself, he did not mean to insult or be indecent in any way. And why should you expect him to use kind words against people who are hell-bent on throwing the spanner into the works, trying to destroy what he and other right thinking and genuinely patriotic rwandans have been building for the last 16 years? As for the 59ers and others that you are talking about, the circumstances that they ‘were thrown out’ are well known. They were innocent citizens, not overly ambitious and greedy individuals who were planning to cause mayhem in the country. So, nsengiyunva, you know very well that these are only your thoughts -they don’t in anyway reflect the atmosphere in the country because Rwandans are united in body and mind with the President because his credentials are proven and they will follow him confidently even with eyes closed

5 Innocent Nsengiyumva { 04.15.10 at 3:21 am }

“they will follow him confidently even with eyes closed” says Gigi
“His likening the society to the human body that will keep things that are good for and reject what affects it does not spell out ” says Tricia.

I am sure the two people who responded to my comment are shocked as I am and want to live in a state of denial. They cannot believe that their beloved President can be so bad.

For Gigi people can follow him blindly. So it is a matter of faith in a God who knows everything and cannot make a mistake. I hope this view is not shared by many rwandans otherwise it would be a real tragedy.

As for Tricia, with the most elementary knowledge of biology we know how the body works, the waste passes in two places; either it is thrown out through vomiting and through the bowels down into the anus. We know the words that are used for each one of the waste. I am still ashamed to even to write those words.

Change does not come through praises only. More importantly it comes through a critical analysis of events, issues and accepting that things can go wrong. Otherwise you move in a vicious circle.

I end with a kinyarwanda wise proverb. Inkoni ikubise mukeba uyirenza urugo meaning that ” when you see a stick that was used to beat the co-wife, please throw it away” . Dont sing that it is going to be used against your rival because it could be used against you.
I suspect both of you know little about the contribution made by Patrick Karegeya and Nyamwasa Kayumba to what you say you are proud of today. Can you at one moment think of how their families and friends in the struggle feel? Can they feel secure after those people are now treated as ” human waste?

If you cannot honour your history, then you have little to live for.

Let us give time to time and we shall see. May God bless our country and deliver us from all evil.

Thanks for your contribution to the debate. I appreciate your observations.

6 emmerson R { 04.15.10 at 3:53 am }

it is very absard that people who are elites and have many things to do start modifying the small part of speech said by the president instead of talking about the developmental issues and security issues of our country which his e xcellence is saying. So i call up rwandans not to be mislead by these people who has high magnifying factor for any small thing said due to to their personal interest and want to blind Viewers so let us fight for democracy but not inciting leave alone the speech of the leader and develop your own opinion which is developmental .nsengiyunva be sincere

7 Innocent Nsengiyumva { 04.15.10 at 7:51 am }


If giving a different opinion is inciting violence then I can hardly imagine how you are going to promote the democracy you are talking about. Democracy is above all accepting and respecting the difference and using it to achieve qualitative change.
I caannot blind any Rwandan because they are very clever people and know what is good for them. I am not sure how you are so confident that you feel you can to warn them against other people who express an opinion that is contrary to yours.
Calling former comrades in arms ” human waste” is not a small matter. If you think so I respect your opinion and best of luck in not falling out one day with the regime to acquire the same label.

8 Jeanne { 04.16.10 at 4:12 am }

I,m simply shocked by this so called president!!!! all he knows is insulting people, but let me warn him that his days are numbered.
These are innocent people he keeps on insulting.
The fact that we dodn,t respond to his insults does not mean that we fear him, no.we simply igno him because he is a fool.
He has got nothing better to tell the media all he does is hallusinating while his chief boot lickers crap for man or woman with brain can ever support this fool,there is no person with integrit who is working with him.
Let me tell you Mr, president, sir,you have been backing a lot and some people thought that you are a vicious dog, but you are not.
You are like a hungry village dog which barks at the same time running away.
So we know you, we can,t fear you hence, we decided to ignore you.
Trime is coming when you won,t be able to bark any more.
I rest my case!!!

9 mwananshiku { 04.16.10 at 6:33 am }

last kicks of a dying horse.

10 tuganishuli { 04.19.10 at 2:15 am }

A leader’s speech must be written bacause it can serve as a source of policies and be filed for future use in research. When someone talks what he wants on airwaves is unfortunate. Advisors should tell him. that people are fedup of his insults on airwaves. We need good sounding speeches. He must respect rwandans.

11 Senkware Stanislas { 04.19.10 at 12:55 pm }

Si le pays est assimilable au corp humain qui expelle les dechets de son corps…. a quel organe ( partie du corps) serait assimilable le president de ce meme Pays???? Ils sont pitoyables certains dirigents africains…. vraiment sans foi ni loi!

12 Hategeka { 04.27.10 at 4:55 pm }

Does Rwanda have a president or a thug? I can’t believe that someone can be so frustrated to the point of insulting those who helped him to get where he is now. He may be ungrateful but please can his protocole chief teach him how to speak or what to say when he is overwhelmed by the events. I can only pray for Rwanda and Rwandans, especially those inside the country. Does the president think that those living outside the country are what he called his ex-army officers (I can pronounce that word he used to describe them) and again some of his own family members live abroad, are they also excr…?
Surely these are last kicks of a dying horse!! (ni uguta ibitabapfu)!
God bless Rwandans!

13 Joel Nturo { 04.30.10 at 3:58 am }

Anyways what Mr President said it was true! how can a General flee the country,it’s really absurd and I feel sorry for them. Why can’t they sit on a round table and discuss the matter. This country don’t want to shed blood anymore. We must change the history of this nation andwho are not happy of the progress just chill down!

14 Nolly { 05.02.10 at 12:32 am }


You do not understand the local language KINYARWANDA. If you do have a Rwandan friend ask him or her what “UMWANDA UMUBIRI USOHORA … mean”, then you will know or understand what president Paul Kagame called exiled Rwandan politicians like General Faustin Kayumba, ex Rwandan ambassador to India and ex-chief of Staff in Kagame army. He truely called all those who run away fearing for their lives UMWANDA and “this” means human excrement.

Next, you seem not know who is Kagame, should you need more information about this man ask his renegade general Kayumba who is now in south Africa.

Below is the interview he (Kayumba) had with VOA and BBC:

INTERVIEW: Gen. Nyamwasa- Why I fled Rwanda (07.03.10)
Renegade former Rwanda military chief Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa, who is now in exile in South Africa, has denied he was part of a coup plot against President Paul Kagame.

Speaking for the first time after his escape last week through Uganda, Gen. Nyamwasa also denied he had political ambitions to unseat Mr Kagame. Gen. Nyamwasa was a key player in the Rwanda Patriotic Army/Front guerilla movement that brought President Kagame to power in 1994. It is reported that he has since fallen out with the Rwandan President over his varying political ambitions. He enumerates the reasons why he fled a revolution he helped start.

Mr Nyamwasa, the government of Rwanda yesterday (Tuesday) alleged that you are behind the recent grenade attacks in Kigali, what is your reaction to this?
That is malicious propaganda. Just harassment. I was harassed when I was in the country and they are trying to extend the harassment even when I am abroad.

What is the status of your family back in India? Your wife was on radio and said she was under house arrest?
Yes. The situation is grave. It is dire. We as a family were sent to India to represent the country. It is very unfortunate that my family which has nothing to do with whatever I am being accused of, is being harassed. That shows you what kind of regime we have been serving.

Tell us about the genesis of your fall out with the government in Rwanda
I am not the only one. Look at the turnover of all people who have served in that regime. It tells the whole story. Look at all those who have served with President Paul Kagame, ask him who is still serving with him now. If all of us are bad and he is the only good person, then Rwanda has no future.

Were you questioned by security agencies in Rwanda before your departure?
Not at all. I was questioned by a group of operatives put together to harass me and you could see the harassment method was to provoke me into argument and eventuality cause arrest. So there was no security organ that I met. So if they say I was questioned by any security organ, that is not correct.

What do you think is the basis of all this?
The regime in Kigali is really descending into total dictatorship and you know absolute power corrupts absolutely. So, in this case you don’t have to have a different opinion, you are not supposed to debate and if you are perceived to have a different opinion on anything, then you are an enemy. That’s what happened to me.

You said you were questioned by a group of people. What are some of the questions they were asking you?
These are questions which don’t ask anything. The first question was, I had gone to Rwanda to bury my mother who had died and there was no government officials attending the burial ceremony. So the first question was what I make of the fact that there were no government officials at the burial. You can imagine that kind of question to a person who is still mourning his parent.
And then the other question was that I had gone to the UK for studies; that I sympathise with people who had been thrown out of the government unfairly. That I sympathise with the families of some late comrades and things like that! All those kinds of nonsense.

Are you perceived in any way as some sort of political threat to the power of the president within the party its self?
That could be a perception. The fact that some media houses write something like that; but that happens in every country. They could have cross checked my track record. I didn’t have any intention to challenge anybody in politics. But even if it was the case, what is wrong with that?

So you did not have any kind of political ambitions to take over the presidency of the party?
No, I believe in democracy and if I had wanted to stand for any party position I would have presented my candidature. But to be frank, that has never been my intention. But all I am trying to tell you is that even if it were the case, which it’s not, there wouldn’t have been a problem with that in my view.

Why didn’t you stay in Kigali after being questioned by the security agencies? Don’t you think this aggravated the situation?
No security agencies questioned me. The secretary general of the party has nothing to do with diplomacy. That’s not the minister of foreign affairs, he is not the President.
In the first place, he never had any right to question me. If you look at the people in the meeting, some of them were ministers, Members of Parliament and police officers.
There is nothing like security organs. That’s why I am telling you a group of operatives, some fellows who are just sycophant[ing] around just to obtain positions and maginalise other people.

So this was basically a meeting with members of the ruling party who called you to come in, there was no interrogation of any sort by and security agency whatsoever?
Yes, that’s right.

So you decided you should extract yourself from this situation?

Every time there is this type of fall out in Rwanda, we see that the parties involved try to leave the country… why?
It’s because they have no faith in the judiciary, no faith in government institutions because they have no faith, then you go to seek for justice where it is.

But someone would say you have been serving this country for over a decade, is it now that you are seeing it happening because you are the victim? Has this happened in the past?
Yeah, exactly, that’s why I ran away. Because I have been trying, asking people to reform and to make sure these institutions are strong enough to defend people and yet they have been marginalised and monopolised. That’s why I had to leave. If I had faith in the institutions, I would have stayed.

Do you have hope that your wife and family will be able to join you?
It is very difficult but she is brave so she will probably be able to make it.

Did you reach out to the minister of foreign affairs who is supposedly your boss to talk to her about this issue before you left the country?
She is the first person who sacked me that day without even wanting me to find out. And look at her track record- she is just a new entrant who is just trying to protect her position, what do you expect from her?

So what is your future now? What are you going to do? What should we expect in the coming days or years?
Look at it from this perspective; I spent all my youthful years fighting for justice and fighting for the unity of the Rwandese people but at this time, it is going to be difficult I am aware.

Are you planning to return to the country anytime soon?
No. If I was supposed to return I would not have asked for these papers (SA passport).

Should the opportunity present itself and you are confident of your safety, would you go back and run for political office?
That has never been my intention because one person is not going to change much.
I don’t think I am the saviour. I only think that the people in the country, the powers that be, should look around and see the turnover, how many people have run away and probably change. If they don’t change then we shall languish where we are.

What do you make of the statement this (Wednesday) morning by the Rwandan president that there was a coup d’état in the making?
We used to hear about those things even during the Habyarimana’s regime. Dictators always say that.
That was just threatening the population, threatening anybody who would want to raise his voice. Essentially that was a threat. And every dictatorship will always say that like in Zimbabwe and North Korea.

Are you assured of your safety in SA? Why didn’t you go to Uganda or any other neighbouring country?
The proximity of Uganda and Rwanda would have caused a problem between the two countries. Secondly, the judicial system that I would probably be subjected to was also in perspective when I came here.

15 Daniel Mike Hall { 05.04.10 at 12:10 pm }

Interesting to hear that most of you including me think that for Mr. KP to be president for ten years is enough.he did well but once you describe body functions refering to a country! There is little contribution left.He should quit while he is on top besides ,ten years man! There are over 2000 rwandans who want to be president!When will they get their chance? We need new blood,young blood a reconciliator!!Someone who has deep Rwandan cultural values who does not mix languages in speeches someone with no military past.A better man!!21st centuary man. KP is not him.

16 JP mukiza { 05.06.10 at 4:15 pm }

Amen to that Daniel.
Rwandans, respect of ethic group had enough.We need a visionary to lead our country.People who think like Nelson Mandela, Obama,Gandhi etc.
Brothers and sisters of Rwanda we have had enough blood running through Rwanda and DRC because we are like cats and dogs. However, I feel like Cats and dogs of to day are able to leave under the same roof.
DRC needs development and not destruction by friends.I

Look at the history of Rwandan presidents, they never share power until some one BOMB them out of power. People, this should be an opportunity to think about life in rwanda and drc post kp.

God bless our nation

17 Cyitatire { 05.19.10 at 11:21 pm }

KAGAME Paul President du Rwanda = Dadi Kamara President de la Guinee

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