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Widows of two assassinated Hutu Presidents sue Tutsi President Paul Kagame in Oklahoma Court

Paul Kagame - killed Hutu Presidents Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira and sparked Rwandan Genocide

Paul Kagame - killed Hutu Presidents Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira and sparked Rwandan Genocide

Rwandan president sued in Oklahoma in killings
Lawyer says leader’s state ties make lawsuit feasible

A long-standing controversy surrounding the president of an African country resurfaced this week in an unlikely place — federal court in Oklahoma City.

The widows of two assassinated African presidents filed a wrongful-death civil lawsuit Thursday against Rwandan President Paul Kagame and nine others.

The widows are seeking $350 million.

Kagame spoke Friday at a commencement ceremony at Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City.

“This is definitely not a publicity stunt,” said one of the widows’ attorneys, Kurt Kerns of Wichita, Kan. “He convinces people that he was the savior of Rwanda, and the genocide and the reality is exactly the opposite.”

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The widows allege that in 1994 Kagame, leader of the Tutsi rebel group, the Rwandan Patriotic Front, ordered the missile attack that killed their Hutu husbands.

Juvenal Habyarimana, the president of Rwanda, and Cyprien Ntaryamira, president of Burundi, were on a jet hit by surface-to-air missiles April 6, 1994.

Everyone aboard died. The deaths sparked the massacre of more than 500,000 Tutsis and Hutus, an event known as the Rwandan Genocide. The slaughter ended after 100 days when Kagame’s group seized control of the country.

Kagame has in the past denied he is to blame for the missile attack. “I am not responsible for Habyarimana’s death and I don’t care,” he told the BBC in 2006. “I wasn’t responsible for his security. … I was fighting that government.”

The widows’ attorneys contend the federal court in Oklahoma City has jurisdiction over their complaints because of the “ongoing, substantial contacts between Oklahoma and” Kagame and his government.

Kagame first visited Oklahoma Christian University in 2006. The university and the Rwandan government have a scholarship program that brings Rwanda’s top high school students to Oklahoma to study.

“President Kagame is at Oklahoma Christian as the head of Rwanda to honor the 10 outstanding Rwandan Presidential Scholars who are graduating,” a university spokesman said Friday. “We do not want to distract from their remarkable accomplishments by getting involved in the politics of Rwanda and surrounding countries. We cannot comment on pending lawsuits.”

University President Mike O’Neal in 2005 compared Kagame to George Washington. On Friday, O’Neal said, “President Kagame has received worldwide recognition for his leadership and peace building, reconciliation, development, good government, promotion of human rights and women’s empowerment.”

The widows’ attorneys contend Kagame can be sued in the United States under a 220-year-old law known as the Alien Tort Claims Act. They said a judgment against him could be collected from any assets he has in the United States.

In their lawsuit, the attorneys argued: “There is no independent functioning judiciary in Rwanda and any suit against defendants there would have been and would still be futile and would result in serious reprisals.”

Earlier inquiries

Who is responsible for the assassinations has been long debated. After an investigation, a prominent French judge in 2006 concluded Kagame ordered the attack on the jet. The French judiciary looked into the downing of the jet because the flight crew was French.

Rwanda cut off diplomatic relations with France for three years after the investigation.

An inquiry by a Rwandan panel concluded this year that Hutu soldiers shot down the plane because extremist Hutu politicians and military leaders were upset over Habyarimana’s talks with the Tutsis.

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Rwanda President Paul Kagame sued in Oklahoma City federal court for killing Presidents Habyarimana and Ntaryamira

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1 Zima { 05.01.10 at 10:15 am }

Who can measure the depth of the following legalized stupidity? In which law school some individuals go to come out vomitting such bullshit:

“24. While there may be some dispute regarding the particulars of the long history of conflict for political power in Rwanda and Burundi, between groups known as “Hutu” and “Tutsi”, there can be no doubt that the invasion of Rwandan territory by Tutsi ex-patriot elements of the Ugandan army in October 1990 (a.k.a. the non-governmental RPA), led by Defendant Paul Kagame, is the first cause of events that led to massacres that occurred between April and July 19942, and has resulted in more than seven million deaths in Central Africa since that time.”

This is the main cause of keeping some people away from our country’s affairs and urge them to keep their mouths shut. Rwanda is not a dog house they left in 1994. It’s no longer the slaughtehouse they once officialized. Ab’imbwa ntibajya i Nyanza.

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3 BIRENGUSEKE { 05.02.10 at 2:34 pm }

narakibwiye wo kanyagwa we; igihe cyagezeeeee !!!!

4 Simon { 05.02.10 at 5:43 pm }

Cool down man, and let the justice take its course. If your Rwandan President Paul Kagame did not order the terrorist act of shootdown of the airplane of his predecessor, he will be found not quilty of any wrongful death of Presidents Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira. In his various interviews with journalists, Kagame has never been able to definetely distance himself with that crime. His main argument has always been that Habyarimana being on the other side of the conflict he could get killed for that reason….way for Kagame to prove his not guilty plea!!!

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7 Akech { 05.05.10 at 1:02 pm }

Religion has been used to slaughter and inflict horrific pains on ordinary powerless citizens by the powerful in governments all over the world.
It is amazing that the name of the man who was born in poverty, Jesus Christ, has been used by the rich and powerful to spill the blood of people who are predominantly poor!
I do not understand what is Christlike in the slaughter of 800,000 human beings in a matter of 100 days in Rwanda in 1994 and elevation of a man without whom this genocide would never have taken place! I do not understand what is Christlike in a man who then proceeded to slaughter about 6millions Conogolese two years after the Rwandan genocide. Furthermore, I do not understand why Christian organizations are unable to do their work of making the world a better place to live for everybody instead of siding with someone like Paul Kagame. The wolves in sheep’s clothing posing as Christians have enabled Paul Kagame in his attempt to rewrite his role in Rwandan genocide and resources genocide in Congo. These “Chritian” organizatins are associated with the corporations whose headquarters are in Rwanda!
In Rwanda, Paul Kagame and the western powers that support him are trying to tell Africans in Rwanda and beyond that the CREATOR of all mankind made a horrific mistake by creating different tribes with different languages and cultures! According to him, the only tribe that matters to him now is his own Tutsi tribe!
That means, Kagame must eliminate 85% of Rwandan population, the Hutus. He must also eliminate any other Hutu who is living beyond the Rwandan borders, what a task!

It has been said that the Hutus and the Tutsis used to live in harmony before the Europeans gave them reasons to hate and kill each other!

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