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UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon defends UN report on Rwanda-led Genocide against Hutus in DR Congo

Kigali – UN Secretary General on Wednesday calmly defended the controversial report which Kigali has attacked in the strongest terms so far including that it is “malicious”, “ridiculous”, “outrageous and damaging”.

Mr. Ban told reporters at the Kanombe International Airport as he prepared to leave that the United Nations was interested in establishing the facts relating to what took place in Zaire and now DR Congo during the 1990s.

The report will be released after U.N. members and interested parties have had an opportunity to respond, said Ban.

The UN chief arrived in Rwanda on an unannounced visit Tuesday night in an attempt to defuse a row over the draft report. He met with Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo late at night, and on Wednesday mid-morning met with President Kagame.

Details of the discussions between the two leaders were not released, but from the sound of Mushikiwabo, Rwanda is in this for a long haul. Mr. Ban immediately left Village Urugwiro for the airport in the afternoon accompanied by Mushikiwabo.

At the airport he pleaded with Rwanda not withdraw its 3550 troops and police from Sudan.

“I have asked President Kagame to continue with that contribution around the world and in particular when we are going to see a referendum in Sudan in January next year,” Ban told journalists.

Mr. Ban also said he and President Kagame shared the disappointment with leaking on the document and the letter which Mushikiwabo sent him.

“…the president and I are disappointed” that the draft of the report was leaked, Ban told journalists.

For the Mushikiwabo, Rwanda still stands by its position – pointing out that her government will take strong action if the 545-page report is not amended. She did not say specifically which aspects she wants removed.

Mushikiwabo said: “Rwanda will never accept that the Rwandan Defence Forces be accused of crimes they are not guilty of and that is the bottom line.”

The 22,000-strong joint U.N.-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur at the center of withdrawal threats is commanded by Rwandan, Lt. Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba.

Rwanda also has nearly 300 troops and police serving in the more than 13,000-strong U.N. peacekeeping mission in semi-autonomous southern Sudan. They are enforcing a 2005 agreement with the government that ended Africa’s longest civil war — a key mission ahead of a January referendum on independence for South Sudan.

Government also has had police officers in Haiti.



1 KAYIBANDA { 09.08.10 at 2:54 pm }

If the Rwandan government is disputing the report,they should then explain why Gen Karenzi Karake,the ex-commander of the UNAMID in the Darfur region of Sudan,was ironically recalled from his duty station in 2008.Its this Karenzi,now incarcerated in a military jail in Kigali,who carried out the Congo genocide project like the Kibeho massacre in which thousands of Hutus were slaughtered in cold blood.Its after calls and petitions to the UN by the exiled Hutu elites in the west that UN came up with a decision to request the Rwandan regime to deploy another commander in the place of this now beleaguered general.

2 MIRINDI { 04.18.11 at 4:33 am }

Rwanda has the right to defend himself and in the case as the worst track the enemy where he hides. when you wants to destabilize a power based on good governance and giving future to thousands of stateless since 1959, you treat it as genocide maker. then what will become of your/a UN report of Israel on Palestinian ! at one side the Hutus committed genocide against the Tutsis, and Tutsis on the other side must make defense .
” good defense is just to destabilize the enemy plan “. that is what has been done and needs to be done all the time the enemy will knock the door/ boarders . your lie does not and will never destabilize Rwanda.

when the Tutsi people was dying before feelling their pain, you and your international direct was sleeping peacefully in waiting for the Tutsi people disappear, and when they resist and take it defense, You and your some UN people start thinking a second kind of a systematic ; economic and politic genocide . Our minds are brave. Be sure It will Never, Never happen again.

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