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Rwandan genocide commemoration – launch of Break The Silence Campaign

Break The Silence

Break The Silence Campaign

Break the Silence Campaign at BBC World Service

Wednesday April 7th, 2010, three determined citizens from the Great Lakes region of Africa braved the London rainy weather to Break the Silence on the death and ongoing suffering of millions of people in that region.

They staged their campaign of breaking the silence of those millions of lives the world seems not to care about in front of BBC World Service (London).

On the same day Rwanda commemorates the genocide which occurred in that country in 1994.

Before, during, and years after the Rwandan genocide, the Great Lakes region has continued to be the theater of atrocities that the world had only experienced during World War II.

The small group left a press release to the Producer/ Editor of Africa section at media group. Some of their demands read like this:

1. BBC World Service and other global media should point to the real culprits of the tragedy of the Great Lakes region and refuse to continue to be puppets to the rhythm of corrupt dictators and their sponsors as they serve interests of the West at the expense of millions of African lives.

2. Global media should highlight to the attention of governments, the UN and the general public the relationship between
• allocating large amounts of money to Rwandan and Ugandan dictatorships through bilateral and multilateral channels such as the World Bank and the European Union and the suffering of millions of citizens in the Great Lakes region
• arming and supporting militarily these regimes and the lack of political space for democracy, particularly during electoral years when populations are expected to freely express who they want to lead them
• plundering DRC mineral resources through embezzled structures with bases in Rwanda, Uganda and connections with companies in UK, Germany, Belgium, US, Canada, China, and the ongoing tragedy of rape, torture, imprisonment, displacement of populations…

Ambrose Nzeyimana
Organising for Africa (OfA)

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