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Rwanda Ombudsman dares to compare Kagame with Nelson Mandela

Kigali – In an interview offered to The New Times journalist Fred Oluoch-Ojiwah, the Rwandan Chief Ombudsman, Tito Rutaremara, goes to the surprising length of comparing Paul Kagame with Nelson Mandela!

… Let me interject by saying that while there is political progress some critics of the progress you are pointing out, are saying that Rwandans have been starved of political space. What is your response?

Tito Rutaremara:
Such critics have to define political space.

For instance these critics say that the upcoming polls are not likely to be competitive.

Tito Rutaremara:

What these critics need to know is that the President Kagame, as an incumbent is just about the only good leader Rwandans can relate to as the polls approach. What is wrong with that? That is not the incumbent’s problem. I must point out that such situations are not unique to Rwanda even right here in Africa. Look at South Africa’s situation with Nelson Mandela.

If Nelson Mandela would make a come back no one would stand a chance of beating him. It is all about a leader’s character. When such a situation obtains, one cannot say that there is no political space. That assumption would be totally wrong.

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1 Christelle Umulisa { 07.02.10 at 12:56 pm }

Oh My God! This is a huge laugh. I needed some comic relief. Is he serious? Anyway, I can understand the quagmire Tito Rutaremara and the rest of Kagame’s minions find themselves in at this point in time. One has to tow the line and be seen to advance Kagame’s cause otherwise it’s a bullet in your belly as Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa found out, the hard way.
What Kagame needs to ask himself is, when the day comes when he’ ll have eliminated all his allies within the RPF, who shall cover his backside when all the people he has systematically excluded from all aspects of life in Rwanda decide to send him packing off to the Hague to answer for crimes against humanity? It will be a great day and I have reserved a front row seat to witness the curtain come down.

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