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Rwanda goes wild in attacking UN for funding the Genocide report


Kofi Annan
Seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations and
Nobel Prize in Peace 2001.

Rwandan Government on Tuesday agressively attacked the ex-UN chief Kofi Annan for funding the report which alleges Rwandan forces killed Hutus in DRC. Psychologists will hopefully tell us what they think!

Kigali: Ex-UN Secretary General, Nobel Prize in Peace 2001 Kofi Annan, and the UN Human Rights Commission came under fierce scrutiny Tuesday as government claimed they have deliberately continued to “diminish” the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis.

As we know from the UN Human Rights Commission, this report started under [Kofi Annan],” said Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo.

I would have a lot to say about the former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan… Both as Secretary General, as an African and responsible human being…I want to say that his record as far as Rwanda and the Genocide [is concerned] is pitiful,” charged Mushikiwabo at a press conference.

Describing the ex-UN chief as a “man who has never taken his responsibility”, Mushikiwabo said Kofi Annan who was head of peacekeeping at the UN headquarters in 1994, “failed miserably”.

“I am not surprised and my Government is not surprised that he would be the one making sure that there is funding for this kind of report to ensure that it was an important gesture he would pose before he leave office,” said Mushikiwabo.

She said the involvement of Kofi Annan in the “making of this report is there. There is no question about it.”

Turning her guns on the UN Human Rights Commission which commissioned the controversial document, the Foreign Minister said it has also deliberately continued since 1994 to undermine the Tutsi mass slaughter.

“The report reminds us of the climate and the approach that was taken especially by the United Nations Human Rights Commission which instead of dealing with the then extremely grave situation of the Genocide, it was interested in elections,” said Mushikiwabo.

She accused the Commission of asking for elections for purposes of “cleaning up, sanitizing [and] providing legitimacy to individuals and groups” which had committed the Genocide in Rwanda.

“Before the bodies were even buried in this country this UN human rights commission was calling for elections,” said Mushikiwabo.

“Therefore, the diminishing and the lack of decency in front of the Genocide, is what we see today in this report. For us the Government of Rwanda, this report is nothing new. It’s a manifestation of a state of mind.”

Government also fired at the methodology used in compiling the 600-page document branding its methodology as “malicious” because Rwanda was consulted.

The Foreign Minister admitted however that government had received the draft document from the UN Human Rights Commission, but did not say when government got it.

Speaking about the licking of her letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warning him about the release of the document, Minister Mushikiwabo was bitter.

“It is an irresponsible gesture,” said Mushikiwabo. “We don’t like it.”

She said release of the letter to the media shows a conduct that is problematic” to the UN.

The Minister denied that Rwandan forces killed any civilians because of their ethnic orientations.

The Minister also said Rwandan army and police on peacekeeping missions in five countries around the will be ordered back home immediately the report is published by the UN.



1 I. Nsengiyumva { 09.02.10 at 9:45 am }

The reaction is quite understandable. The report removes the legitimacy on which the regime was built: ending genocide, integrity, professonalism of the army, national reconciliation. It threatens her very position and as a spokesman of the government she has to respond and use every ammunition she can gather.
I am informed she came back from a long exile in the US and could have fogottten the kinyarwanda wisdom in the saying that “truth passes through fire without burning”. Truth is more stubborn than she may think.
The best way to go about is not to attack persons or institutions but the facts: counter the evidence with contrary evidence. Otherwise all the comments are just hot air.

She uses the usual assault rifle that the report is “diminishing and the lack of decency in front of the Genocide”. This is racism to say the least. How would a report calling for accountability of people who killed thousands of hutu be called diminishing genocide of tutsi? Criminality has no ethnic affiliation and victims are victims irrespective of ethnic or political affiliation, hutu or tutsi: none justifies the other. Only racists and supremacists would hold this view.

It is a contradiction to the whole idea of national reconciliation when you state that one group does not deserve justice. It would serve Mushikiwabo to change her language. It hurts me as I am sure it hurts many other people.

With regard to threats of pulling the troops back, I think that will be something reasonable to do. As one commentator has already pointed out : “there obviously would be no moral right for a country whose forces are genocide perpetrators to then go ahead keeping peace“. And why threaten when you know you have a strong case to clear your name?

I just warn you of the consequences of such a decision: where are you going to put those soldiers, how will you pay them? what about the revenues for the sale of these services to the UN and the US? Will they go in the waste bin? Are you sure they might not sympathise with their former commanders under arrest? Just a tip; no commission.

I would like to invite Mushikiwabo to stop bragging that RPF soldiers should not be touched because they stopped genocide. If anything, we need another commission of enquiry to establish RPF role in deliberately creating conditions that led the country and the region into a catastrophe of such magnitude.

Mushikiwabo should know once and for all that RPF does not represent the interest of tutsi, but the clique in power. RPF is a liability to tutsi in general. It has brought a bad name to the tutsi and to Rwandans in general because of its cynical bevaviour and brutal methods. RPF leadership was interested in taking power and not in stopping genocide. Genocide became an excuse and the Interahamwe and those behind them became unknowingly its strategic allies by helping to turn the international community against the government in power. Soon we shall get testimonies of tutsi survivors accusing the RPF of having sacrificed Tutsis inside Rwanda for the sake of getting to power.
Here are some few facts for the homework of Mushikiwabo to prepare for the next test:

● The RPF opposed international military intervention for fear that it would prevent it from taking total power while the security council was discussing the matter. Refer to the letter written to the security council on the 30th of April 1994 (3 weeks after the massacres started).

● RPF had opposed during the Arusha Peace negotiations a large contingent of UN troops to oversee the implementation of the agreement. Faced with the intransigence of RPF, the government delegation, agreed on a contingent of 2,500 people, half of what it wanted. It dragged on negotiations on this issue Jan –June 1993 to prepare for war.
When massacres started after the assassisination of late President Habyarimana, RPF rejected an offer for a meeting on the 8th April 1994, by the military crisis committee set up on the 7th April to examine how to manage the new crisis.

● On the 8th April 19994, the RPF asked all foreign troops to quit within 48 hours declaring they would be considered as enemy combatant if they stayed longer.
On the 12th of April 1994 the RPF rejected a truce offered by the governmental forces in order to fight those who were carrying out massacres of civilian populations.
According to Human Rights Watch, on the 30th of April the RPF made a statement opposing UN initiatives for a deployment of international forces in order to help curb the massacres of civilians. An intervention would have saved tens of thousands lives. The RPF declared that the genocide was over and that there was nothing to save; yet it claims to have stopped genocide. HRW confirms that thousands of Tutsi were still alive and calling for help.

● The former U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda, Robert Flatten, testified in June 2005 at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda that he personally warned Gen. Kagame and Pres. Habyarimana that if either resumed war by breaking the Arusha Accords cease fire, they would be responsible for thousands of civilian casualties from retaliatory killings that U.S. State Department documents predicted should the war resume…similar to killings that swept Burundi/Rwanda in 1988.

● Gen. Dallaire, commander of the UN forces in Rwandan (UNAMIR), testified under oath before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, that Gen. Paul Kagame told him those civilian killings were to be considered as “collateral damage” for his war plan.

● In the testimony of Col. Marshall (former Deputy UN troops commander in Rwanda) at the Criminal International Tribunal for Rwanda on 2/12/2006 “From my experience, my conclusion is that the RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) had one goal, seizing power by force and keeping it to themselves”, “For me, it is the Rwandan Patriotic Front which has perpetrated the attack (shooting the presidential aircraft). Not once, never have I sensed the desire to make concessions, to smooth rough edges, to reach a consensus”. The assassination triggered genocide.

These are some of the few facts. It is sickening when people like Mushikiwabo brag on how RPF stopped genocide. I sympathise with her over the loss of her brother and some of us lost dozens of people including brothers, cousins, friends, relatives etc….. If it is your job always remember that you are hurting people and use a better language. Utazi umwanzi asiga umubili.

Mushikiwabo should go slow in her condemnation of Kofi Annan because as she should know Kofi Annan did everthing possible to prevent the Gersony report commissioned by UNHCR to be published because it accused the RPF of having committed crimes against humanity, war crimes and possibly crimes of genocide in 1994. It is due soon.

2 Rugina { 09.02.10 at 11:42 am }

But I always question the credibility of RPF in stopping genocide. RPF captured the power in which they were interested in, but did not at any point stop genocide. By the time RFP/A captured power there were no single tutsi still exposed to be saved. They took good three months fighting to overthrow a big contigent of army in Byumba barracks. Was there any tutsi in that barracks to be saved? And yet at that time tutsis in Bugesera, bisesero and elsewhere were being slaughtered like chikkens.

3 manyamuala { 09.02.10 at 11:54 am }

The ammunition this woman has comes directly from the foreign corporations (headquartered in Kigali). These are the brains behind the looting of Congolese natural resources and the two genocides in Rwanda and DRC. These are also the people who finance the Public Relation firms that write the disinformation attack messages these proxy parrots regurgitate whenever they respond to anything critical of Kagame.

If Paul Kagame and his western promoters were interested in Rwanda National Reconciliation, they would have worked within the 1993 Arusha Accord which gave them quite a lot to work with. But, Arusha Accord was not good enough, particularly for the western corporations who were getting tired of Mobutu and were looking for trusted replacements in (Paul Kagame, James Kabarebe and his nephew Joseph Kabila)!

800,000 or more Rwandans and about 7 millions Congolese, all poor, unarmed and Africans have died because an African life is not worth anything to these racist western corporations and their handpicked, headless African proxies they train to kill fellow Africans on their behalf!

These western corporations have also uprooted thousands and thousands of poor Africans from their homes into filthy refugee camps where their “for profit” western NGOs are making profits by pretending to be “charitable” towards refugees whose miseries they have created.
Few people can get away with the murdering one person. Paul Kagame and his corporate “investors” are fighting like hell to cover up the murder of over 8 poor million Africans! They have poured mercenaries all over Great Lakes region to burry the truth!

4 manyamuala { 09.02.10 at 12:03 pm }

There are reports out there that before the Rwandan genocide began, Paul Kagame was willing to sacrifice 200,000 Rwandans, irrespective of their tribal affiliation, to asccend to power! This guy is a trained killer. Yet, he is willling to compare himself with Gandhi, Mandel and Martin Luther King! How ARROGANT!

5 Munyarwanda w'i Rwanda { 09.03.10 at 9:27 am }

Hey Marie Louise Mushikiwabo,
I think you unedrstand now the “heaviness” and “bitterness” of the word “Genocide”. It was your President’s “Business” “sweetest” word when he was using it to get money and lie to the world. Now it looks like it the “Sourest” word and you wish it had never been used!!
Too late girl!!
Enjoy your sweat defending your Boss.

Threatening the UN for pulling out the peacekeepers is like threatening Starbucks (US) for stopping the rwandan coffee from the international market. Many other countries are ready to sell!!

6 mwenegihanga { 09.04.10 at 6:03 am }

well…i like the comments made by these decent men and women, it has no ethnic division, that is what we need here in Rwanda, debate our problems, which have nothing to do with our ethnic affiliation, i dont thing that at this time we need someone like Mushikiwabe, who only happens to be Kagame’s tool to stay in power.Rwanda is waking up, and when it does, nobody will stop it, to hell with ethnic division…Lets go Rwanda!

Let me make a few comments about the report:
If i got justice koz i m tutsi, i m not happy to see my fellow hutus citizens not being equally treated! not way, sometimes, i even feel ashamed when i see how they are being treated!! they also have orphans, widows, survivors….and they obviously need government help as much as we do!! guys, lets stop being selfish, i know one day all this will end, God cannot allow this injustice!!Not the God I know, not the God who came to my rescue!

Peace guys!

7 Ntarugera François { 09.28.10 at 2:48 am }

Much have been said about the Rwanda Genocide Against Tutsis immediately after the aftermath of Genocide in Rwanda in 1994. When you read through all these reports, there is nothing new to the current UN report on Rwanda.
Whether if the Minister denied that Rwandan forces killed any civilians because of their ethnic orientations.I d9o not buy it. Because this is her business, first as Rwandan citizen , secundo as genocide survivor, thirdly as Minister in charge foreign relations . If the secrecy of maintaining the national peace and security is to keep silence even if it allows abuses to flourish up on Rwandan people especially on Tutsis, then this too ridiculous that should be fought early enough and openly .

Ntarugera François( Journalist)

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