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Organising for Africa and Break The Silence Campaign

Organising for Africa (OfA)


Organising for Africa’s mission is to influence the world events of the 21st century and beyond, by transforming the continent.


• Creating necessary capabilities for a transformative change
• Operating change from a grass root level

Break The Silence Campaign (BTSC).

This campaign was initiated after considering the ongoing suffering African people, starting from those living in the Great Lakes region (namely Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda) continue to experience in their daily lives because of their leaders.

There is substantial evidence which shows that the suffering of people in Africa has been misused and misrepresented by international aid agencies, external stakeholders, for their own interests and to cover up the real culprits.

BTSC calls on every African and friends of Africa who agree that the issues which concern Africans are not brought to the attention of the international public frequently enough or even at all.

Organising for Africa (OfA) will be holding public events, particularly at mainstream media headquarters in developed countries.
It appears that the international media is responsible for creating a negative impression of Africa as a continent and perpetuating the view that the opinions of Africans are subordinate to those of individuals in the developing world who profit from their misery.


Ambrose Nzeyimana
Organising for Africa (OfA)
Mobile: 07982114446
Telephone: 02072440689


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