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Green Party to Rwanda Government: Stop meddling in PS Imberakuri’s management

Position of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda on Me. Bernard NTAGANDA of PS IMBERAKURI:

We strongly believe that he is the real Leader and President of PS IMBERAKURI. Anything contrary to that is just a joke and a game to benefit the powers to be.

The Government should learn how to become impartial and stop meddling itself in the management of other political parties and should follow all the legal procedures other than promoting divisionism in opposition political parties and then later pretend by branding that the opposition parties have internal problems.

We strongly condemn this behavior, we should learn from what happened in the 1990’s, when the Government in power then started killing opposition politicians and then blamed it on the opposition parties themselves that they have internal wrangles. History tells us that this later coasted the country too much.

We call upon the RPF led Government to borrow a leaf from history and resist any behavior that may entice it to cause political wrangles in the opposition parties. It’s the RPF that will pay heavily.

We call upon the National police to fully investigate and bring to book the architects of violence on the attack of Ms. Christine MUKABUNANE.

RPF should remember that when it called the Rwandan Government in the 1990’s to stop its bad behavior and it never answered, this coasted the country too much, leading to a loss of more than million lives. So RPF should not keep a deaf hear.

Kigali, 3rd June 2010
Founding President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda.

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