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Commonwealth Final Report on Rwanda Election 2010


1 manyamuala { 09.12.10 at 12:33 pm }

Africans ought to understand why (a) close to 1 millons or more Rwandans were slaughtered in a squabble that could have been peacefully resolved (b) this squabble was carried over to the Deomcratic Republic of Congo where 7 million or more Africans have perished while the truth is being hidden, altered, discarded or white washed (c) Africa’s young men are being trained and armed to the teeth to be lethal killer of fellow Africans (d) poor Africans are being removed from their lands into filthy refugee camps!
It is all about land resources and those who feel they have God given rights to these resources. These mass killings are merely done for population and resources control by a few elites (1%of the world population)! the assassins may look like you but they do not represent your interests!

The question is: Why do Africans, like Paul Kagame , become collaborators in a game where they may eventually be swollowed? We know all collaborators, like Mobutu and Idi Amin, got exilled to some foreign land after exhausting their usefulness! Some get violently overthrown when they start being pains in the neck!

2 manyamuala { 09.12.10 at 12:37 pm }

A colossal whitewash!

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