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Call to get Professor Erlinder released from Kigali jail

by Kambale Musavuli.
Friends of the Congo urges you to break the silence and request the release of Ingabire’s lawyer Peter Erlinder.

Call script and list of people to call to get Professor Erlinder released from Kigali jail

This is a call script to use – or compose your own – when calling in support of Professor Erlinder’s release from jail in Kigali:

Hello, __________________

My name is __________________.

I am calling as a concerned [citizen/student/constituent] to inform you that an American lawyer, Professor Peter Erlinder, was arrested in Rwanda while there to defend a pro-democracy opposition leader currently on trial. In recent months, opposition party candidates have been intimidated, physically attacked and arrested. Some were denied proper due process, and Professor Peter Erlinder was there to aid Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza in this regard.

I am calling therefore to ask that you take the necessary steps to secure his immediate release and demand that Rwanda allow him to continue his human rights work. Both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have reported on Rwanda’s ongoing gross disregard for human rights. Obstructing free and fair trials for the accused as in this case is a prime example such violations.

The arrest of Professor Peter Erlinder is a tragic occurrence in the ongoing struggle for justice, human rights and democracy in Rwanda. Therefore I am asking that you do all you can to help restore some semblance of justice and human rights by asking for the release of Professor Peter Erlinder, which will allow him to continue his human rights work.

Thank you.

Please contact these decision makers

State Department Bureau of African Affairs, (202) 647-4440, fax (202) 647-6301

Johnny Carson, Africa Foreign Relations Committee, (202) 647-2530, fax (202) 647-0838

Stephen J. Rapp, war crimes ambassador, (202) 647-6051, fax (202) 736-4495

State Department’s Rwandan Desk Officer Marlaina Casey, (202) 647-3138

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice – Accredited Journalists Line (212) 415-4050, Opinion and Comment Line (212) 415-4062, fax (212) 415-4053

Rwanda Mission to the U.N. in USA (212) 679-9010 or (212) 679-9023, fax (212) 679-9133

Rwanda Embassy, (202) 232-2882

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, New York, NY 10017 USA, (212) 963-5012, fax (212) 963-7055,

On Capitol Hill

Senator Al Franken, (202) 224-5641

Senator Amy Klobuchar, (202) 224-3244

Peter Erlinder’s Congressional Rep. Keith Ellison, Minnesota 5th, (202) 224-4755 or email his aide, Zahir Jan Mohamed,

Members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs:

  • Donald Payne, Chair, (202) 225-3436
  • Chris Smith, Ranking Member, (202)-225-3765
  • Ed Royce (202) 225-4111

Michele Bachmann, Minnesota 6th, (202) 225-2331

John Kline, Minnesota 2nd, (202) 225-2271

McCollum, Betty, Minnesota 4th, (202) 225-6631

James L. Oberstar, Minnesota 8th, (202) 225-6211

Erik Paulsen, Minnesota 3rd, (202) 225-2871

Collin C. Peterson, Minnesota 7th, (202) 225-2165

Timothy J. Walz, Minnesota 1st, (202) 225-2472

U.S. Embassy in Kigali, Public Affairs Section, 2657 Avenue de la Gendarmerie (Kacyiru District), P.O. Box 28, Kigali, Rwanda, (250) 596-400, Ext. 2553, fax; (250) 596-771 or 596-591,

Human rights organizations


For anyone not familiar with Prof Erlinder, he is amongst the three lawyers taking Kagame to court here for the crimes he has committed in the region as well as the theft of Congo’s minerals.

For an official copy of the case – Kagame is being sued on eight counts; Count 6 is for looting Congo’s minerals – visit

Kambale Musavuli is spokesperson and student coordinator for Friends of the Congo. He can be reached at

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