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Urgent Call to All Rwandans: Let Us Mobilise and Organize

by Theogene Rudasingwa.

An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind,” Ghandi said. Plus: people who are not mobilised and organised to wage peace, cannot even begin to imagine they will fight and win wars.

To all Rwandans who would like to fight and win quick victories against Kagame, I would like to ask three questions:

First: we have gone through two violent revolutions, and we are still without freedom. Where is the guarantee that another round of violence will this time deliver us from evil?

Second: if war was to erupt today, would you stop what you are doing and become a soldier?

Third: would you encourage your most beloved daughter/son/brother/sister/mo ther/father to join the fighting force?

Let us wage peace first, honestly, fully, and together (abahutu, abatutsi, abatwa). If and when Kagame imposes war on the nation, he will find us mobilised and organised, and he will surely lose the war, and we shall win it. For RNC , war is a means of last resort. Now, let us mobilise and organize, NOT AGONISE, as the Pan African Movement would say!


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