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Rwandan journalist sentenced to life imprisonment by Gacaca court

He wrote in 1991 in his newspaper Kamarampaka: “we should not forget the 1959 revolution”.

Kigali – Former owner and journalist of ‘Kamarampaka’ newspaper, Bernard Hategekimana alias Mukingo, has been sentenced this Sunday to life imprisonment in confinement by the Kimisagara Gacaca court.
This Gacaca verdict was announced by judge Benoit Ngarambe presiding at the Gacaca court in Kimisagara after four days of trial.

Mukingo was accused of using his newspaper to incite Hutus to kill Tutsis and to supervise the killings of Tutsis that took place at Mpari roadblock during the 1994 genocide.

The Gacaca court referred to some statements written by Mr Hategekimana alias Mukingo in the issue nr 5 of his newspaper Kamarampaka in 1991, such as “we should not forget the 1959 revolution” and, in another place, “the machete and spear are the weapons of the Hutus”.

Mr Hategekimana alias Mukingo denied any involvement in genocide and disapproved the court’s decision.
He has 15 days to appeal against the Gacaca court’s decision.

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