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Rwandan Embassy in London: Kagame is landlord; Rwanda Government is tenant

Why does the British Government “continue to naively use taxpayers’ money to sponsor a Mafioso” in Kigali, asks the ‘African Dictator’ in a recent article? Read the story!

Rwanda House – Image from Google Streetview

Rwandan President Paul Kagame owns the Rwandan Embassy building in London, 122 Seymour Place, London, W1H 1NR. Who would have guessed that Colina Enterprise, registered in Panama, in the name of two closest collaborators of the Rwandan head of state, would buy a building in London and then rent it back to the Rwandan government!

Back in 2003, Kagame’s nephew Byusa accompanied by Hatari Sekoko of Kagame’s US$50 million Bombardier Aircraft fame, travelled to Panama to set Colina Enterprise, which subsequently bought a building from one Bright Grahame Murray for almost 2 million British Pounds.

It is this posh building in North London that now houses the Rwandan High Commission, having been moved from Trafalgar Square, where it used to share same premises with the Ugandan Embassy.

Naturally, the rent for the new Embassy is paid from the national treasury – namely, the Ministry of Finance, where the Rwandan dictator has yet another strong link for executing his misdeeds.

Sitting in the upper echelons of the Finance Ministry is no other than Pitchette Kampeta Sayinzoga, the wife of Kagame’s nephew Byusa and the co-director of Colina Enterprise. She is the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and therefore ensures the smooth transactions – and to make the landlord and tenant happy!

Those familiar with the famous Kagame Bombardier Global Express Aircraft will see a similar pattern here. As you will recall, the aircraft are said to be “owned” by Repli Investments 29 (Pty) Ltd, a company registered in South Africa with Hatari Sekoko as one of the three directors.

This is the same man who set up Colina Enterprise in Panama as the right hand man of the Rwandan dictators.

There goes the Kagame brand of good governance and transparency that have become the hallmark of his, in selling his image to British Government that continues to naively use taxpayers’ money to sponsor a Mafioso.

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1 Said { 04.15.11 at 10:53 am }

There must be some corrupted leaders in British admnistration namely Tony Brair who is no doubt Kagame’s direct accomplice as,they are somehow sharing the profit that Kagame is making through all those roberies.All this plan started in fueling the war from Uganda in 1990,supporting him to kill so many people in former Byumba and Ruhengeli province,in tricking Arusha peace negotiation and plotting to kill the former President Juvenal Habyarimana because he could never be their slave as Kagame is serving them in mineral reberies and killing 6,000,000 people in DR Congo, so it is up to British honest citizen to make a follow up about those ashaming mafia! In this way if they come up to stop that fuel which is burning the Greatlakes region, people there will ejyoy peace,democracy and tranparency as in UK

Thanks for your update about the misery of that poor country,I hope one day to see Kagame in court responding all those crimes to Rwandans and the World that he has confused for so long under genocide ticket that himself triggered in shooting down the Plane of the former president

2 Rita Rukundo { 04.15.11 at 3:28 pm }

I think this so called presidend is out of his mind. He should try to reflect the life he hade before the Rwandise put him in power. Kagame the hunger you had growing up will never be cure because of the power you have, only if you can wish all the people aroumd you and their loved ones to be as happy as you want to be, then your hunger will be cured. Why are you missusing the funds that would banefit all Rwandise to the limmit. The money that bought those plaines and the building wuold have done something alse to benefit Rwandise children.
You say that aducatoin is free, why do you send your children to study abroad, if your are satisfied with it.

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