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Rwanda: Paul Kagame says NO to leaving power in 2017

Amanpour asked if that meant �yes,� he would step down.

He replied, �No. It is a broad answer to say you don�t need to worry about anything.�

Kagame, Criminal

Spanish protest against the presence of Paul Kagame in Spain back in 2010.

On the supposed 52nd�anniversary of the Rwandan Democracy Day, the Rwandan President Paul Kagame hints to Amanpour, CNN presenter that he will not leave power in 2017.

Being a dictatorship which claims to be democratic, the RPF regime has removed from official celebrations the remembrance of the day when Rwandans back in the 1960s came together to acknowledge the benefit of choosing their rulers for the first time in their history.

On January 28th, 1961 Rwanda celebrated the outcome of a popular referendum which months before had seen the country ending the monarchy rule and elected its people�s local representatives.

Under the RPF rule, not only has the Rwandan President silenced any critical voice of its numerous damageable policies, but it does neither appear ready at all to give room to any democratic expression of citizens in the short or medium term.

Please watch and listen to Paul Kagame�s interview with CNN journalist Amanpour by clicking�here.�

For those in the Rwandan political opposition, from now they need to know. He [President Paul Kagame] is not going anywhere. He�is not willing to leave office when his current term ends.They should align their strategies accordingly. To remove RPF from power they must force out its president.

Source: The Rising Continent.



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