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Let’s rebuild our Rwanda together

by Theogene Rudasingwa

God has given us an amazingly beautiful country, and inherently good people who are prone to do destructive things. We are trying to rebuild our Father’s house that is currently hurting.
First, we have to agree on the PLAN of the house. Every one is invited to make a contribution on the vision of a Rwanda we have for the future.

Second, we have to BUILD the house together, from each according to his/her ability.

Third, we have to LIVE in the house, all of us, the good and the bad.

Fourth, we have to agree on the RULES to guide all of us to live in this house without being a danger to each other and to our neighbours. Everyone must be equal before the rules, even the rulers!

Last, but not least, together we have to PROTECT our house, just in case we are tempted to destroy it again, as we have done in the past till now.

Rwandan territory is small. But Rwanda is more than physical territory. If Rwandans can have big hearts and big ideas, there is enough room for all of us (Hutu, Tutsi ,Twa), now and forever. The job of rebuilding Rwanda will never be perfect, nor will it ever be completely finished. Each generation must do its part. But LET US BEGIN NOW.


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