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Kagame meets students, ready to hand over power!

Kagame Ready To Hand Over Power

Kagame taking questions from students

President Kagame takes questions from students

Rwandan leader Paul Kagame has explained the succession question, saying he would be glad to be succeeded by a President capable of taking the nation another step forward in terms of development.

�I am not thinking of someone like me but someone who can do things even better,� Kagame said Friday during an afternoon interaction with Rwandan students in the country and overseas.

�Rwandans must be empowered. They must be given opportunities. Future leaders are in this room, my duty is to avail opportunity for all to think differently and move the nation forward,� Kagame inspired the students.

The statement shows Kagame�s readiness to hand over power after the expiry of his seven-year term in 2017.

He has on several occasions insisted he is relinquishing power despite calls from some members of his party to stay around.

A student from Haiti asked Kagame: �I see you as a leader like no other, a father and friend to the youth. Who do you think should replace you?�

�The next leader of Rwanda should be one who thinks right and will continue the same�direction, no reverse,� said Kagame, adding �leaders of tomorrow must be ready to lead today.�

�We are talking about leaders in your nation and on your continent-a continent in need of change the must be brought by you. For youth to take proper role in leadership, you must start as early as possible. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Be the leaders today, it�s never too early,� said Kagame.

He further advised the youth that �If you want to understand a problem, you must understand and define it first.�

He also hinted on donor pressure over allegations of Rwanda backing M23 rebels in Congo that has led to aid cuts, saying �we must use aid to decrease our dependency and become self reliant.�

The President also responded to media�reports�that the International Criminal Court (ICC) officials said he faced prosecution for war crimes in Congo.

�There is a problem at the ICC, Africans must wake up,� said the President, adding, �ICC has become a political tool of the west.�

�There is no justice as such…it is being used to decide fates of societies and nations. Why is your (international community) justice selective? We have our right as members of this community and should fight for it,� he said.

Credited for turning around a country bleeding from the catastrophic 1994 genocide wounds and strengthening institutions that have propelled the country to unprecedented levels of economic and social development, Kagame also said Rwanda deserved a seat on the United Nations Security Council �as a country with dignity.�

Rwanda was on Thursday night elected as non-permanent member on the Security Council despite protests from DRC and South Africa.

�What is dubious and controversial is not Rwanda taking its rightful place in the UN, it is the�report�(that accuses Rwanda of backing M23 rebels) that is dubious,� he observed.

�What kind of justice is it when we are first sentenced then asked to respond to the sentence?� he wondered.

He also advised students that �whenever you await others to solve your problems, the solution will not be sustainable.�

The President said �those who claim to speak for Rwandans are the ones who rob them of their right- the right to decide� for themselves.

�Forward we must go, there is no other way. Challenge yourself to use what you learn to move your country forward. We have our own imperfections; we cannot accept imperfections from other people to double our problems,� he said.

Kagame told students to �reject people who want to decide for you what is good and what is not for you.�

He further asked rhetorically �every day I see people who have never been to Rwanda who want to decide what is good for Rwanda. Do you want to accept this?�

He said �we must be responsible for ourselves and for our development.�

The President said youth in Africa, Asia all over the world have the same aspirations; to be the horse riders.

�Everyone wants to exercise their freedoms to use their talent to better their society. Young people everywhere are the same; no one wants to be a horse so others ride on them.�

He therefore encouraged the youth �to reject being made the horses� because �you don�t just say no, you have to do the right thing.�


Kagame said the youth must work tooth and nail to �fight for every inch of our dignity, others should only help you in�direction�you have chosen.�

�It’s not just about saying no, it’s saying no through what you do. I am not saying it’s simple but we are capable of doing it. Others who think they are ordained to tell others what to do or not to do…you must not accept that,� Kagame appealed to the young generation.

�You should become agents of change. Why should you be a secondary global citizen?

Ask yourself why should you be a second citizen of this planet earth? Challenge yourself and your colleagues.�

Kagame said the youth must have the determination and make the choice to be the change agents they are capable of being.

�Do you want to be a horse or a horse-rider? We must end the relationships where we are the horse and it is up to you. Rwandans, Africans should be the horse riders, not horses. We have been horses for long. What matters is what you do, how well you do it and results.�

He observed �saying good words isn�t enough, what matters is what you do, and the results you achieve.�

Earlier, Syldio Mbonyumuhire of Carnegie Mellon of shared innovative ideas of students bringing solutions to their community, saying the �youth of Rwanda aim to be part of the solution not part of the problem…solutions are within us.�

The function was held Petit Stade where the President interacted with more than 2,500 University students in Rwanda.

Chimpreports understands students in foreign countries posted questions on Kagame�s Facebook wall while others used Twitter under the hashtag #MeetthePresident.

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