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Grenade blast kills 2, wounds 6 in suburb of Rwanda’s capital Kigali

Eyewitnesses say a grenade blast has killed at least two people in a suburb of Rwanda’s capital.
The blast went off during Friday evening rush hour near a busy taxi park located about a mile (2 kilometers) from Kigali International Airport. The area is heavily patrolled by the army and police.

Police quickly cordoned off the area as the wounded were brought to hospitals.

Rwandan Police Spokesman Superintendent Theos Badege confirmed the incident and said that police were pursuing the assailants.

Last year, Kigali was shaken by a series of grenade attacks including in the wake of the August presidential election.


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1 kamiri { 01.31.11 at 1:49 am }

This is malicious event is prepared by some of exiled member of RPF or members of FDU. But We’re not feared by this because we had face many difficult and strong issues. Wait a bit for investigation

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