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French Judges to Confirm that Kagame Triggered the Rwandan Genocide by Murdering Habyarimana

L’Heure de la Vérité Approche!

Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana

Kagame upset!

“Sources close to the French Judiciary system tell AfroAmerica Network that the French Judges Marc Trevin and Nathalie Poux will soon publish their long awaited report on the April 6, 1994 shooting down of the plane carrying the Rwandan and Burundian presidents Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira and their staff.
The assassination of the two presidents triggered the 1994 Rwandan massacres that shocked the World.

The two French judges have been working on the case for some time, after taking over from the retired Judge Bruguiere. In September 2010 they made a trip to Rwanda and brought in experts to reconstruct the attack. The results, with ballistic reconstructions, were first expected in early March 2011. Due to unknown reasons, that some experts say were related to the timing which coincided with the sensitive April month, the publication was postponed, to June 2011.

However, June 2011 appeared also not politically and diplomatically acceptable given that the French President Sarkozy had already invited the Rwandan President Paul Kagame to visit France and the visit was initially scheduled for July 2011 and finally for September 2011. It was hence decided to push the publication of the report to after Paul Kagame’s first official visit to France since he took power 17 years ago.

According to AfroAmerica Network sources, the investigations and ballistic reconstructions have ruled out Rwandan ex-Far or alleged Hutu extremists as the potential assassins. The report concludes that the long suspected farm in Masaka that belonged to an RPF sympathizer is the likely shooting site, and the shooters were RPF commando.

The area from where the missiles were fired was a critical component that helped determine whether the assassins were in government held areas or on the farm suspected to have been used by a rebel commando, led by Frank Nziza, Jacob Tumwine, and Eric Hakizimana. Frank Nziza and Eric Hakizimana are the suspected shooters.Jacob Tumwine has since the assassination retired from the army. Eric Hakizimana is allegedly dead.

The publication of the report will be followed by official indictment of the assassins and the issuance of sealed and public arrest warrants.

The case has been a contentious issue between the Rwandan Government of Paul Kagame and the French Government and has led to severed diplomatic relations between Rwanda and France. It is expected the relations may sour again. Apparently aware of the imminent publication of the report, the Rwandan Government Intelligence service have in the last week launched their own campaign against the French Army. The Rwandan government is accusing French soldiers of having raped Rwandan women in 1994, during a humanitarian mission.”

[AfroAmerica Network]


1 Smith { 11.03.11 at 10:32 am }

Long live true justice for Rwandans, terrorists must be uprooted, Bin raden Gadaffi and next Kagame

2 George { 11.04.11 at 5:22 am }

About time!
The evidence has been out there for years…HOWEVER, the case in the US by the families against Kagame had been dismissed. The reason? That he gets immunity from prosecution because he is a head of state- except that when he committed this act, he wasn’t…The case is going to probably wind up in the Supreme Court.
What is it about this guy, or what he knows, that makes the US government keeps defending him?

3 kamanzi { 11.14.11 at 5:45 am }

I have realised that there is no truth in this world. the things are vice-verse, when will supper power end their propergandas. It is all about divid and rule. It is well know to everybody that Genocide was prepared, organised and implemented by Both French and Beliguim under supervision of UN.
why can’t you quation about what was French and Beligium troops doing in Rwanda by Then?, what were they doing there?, they are ones that had occupied every single area around kigali then who did the RPF manage to penetrate to danger zone and to the extent of building a misile? the rebels? please don’t decive the world. How did the rebbel by then determine that the plane that was comming is for Habyalimana? do you think that it was somebody who was controlling the control tower which was French troops who planned and excuted every thing? the killings for BAGOGWE and BANYABUSERA in 1992 was because of this plan???, this was practice for the final execution which they implemented in 1994. Please supper countries live alone small countries they do as well want to servive. Be sure and tell us who stopped Genocide? is it french troops or UN? then you deciving the world because all media channels belongs to you that it is RPF caused genocide and the same time stopped it?
please put some sense of logic in your lies. Please deal with your economic problems and live us with deal with the consquenceses of problems you caused use.

KAGAME is a freedom fighter not a freedom agressor like most you. He has the heart of kind and sympathy to his people and he is a man of intergrity he can’t be manuplated like those you are using.
It is your guilty that is causing fighting him. you better confess the truth and repent to your sins before God Almighty he will forgive your deeds.
Every one of us will die. I know Kagame will not be a traitor to God and his Country to please the whole World. and for this God will fight for his intergrity.
Mitiland Died, Habyalimana died, MOBUTU…..whatever.. died, others will die as well and Beliguim still now does not have common leader???, Rwanda will be having good leaders like Kagame.
Please live us alone we know our pain very well, we are like Israel they suffered alot and they hand on their own. And God will do much on these 2 countries.

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