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Deo Mushayidi’s call to all Rwandans: “Arise my People!”

par Deo Mushayidi.

Deo Mushayidi: Arise my People!

Deo Mushayidi is a Rwandan opposition politician who has been condemned in September 2010 by the High Court to life imprisonment for “causing state insecurity, using forged documents and inciting citizenry against established authority.”

The High Court cleared him of four charges:
“promoting Genocide revisionism, ideology and sowing seeds of divisionism; terrorism and collaboration with armed groups with intent to oust a legitimate government.”

Here is the message he sent from prison to all Rwandans asking them to take over his battle for freedom and change.

Kill me or keep me in jail, but … THE PEOPLE OF RWANDA WILL ACHIEVE CHANGE

I have done nothing wrong. I am innocent.

If the authority considers that my death or my imprisonment is a solution to the problem, they are mistaken.

For the love of my people, I am living, suffering and endured the detention.

I am not asking my people to be grateful, you don’t owe me anything but I owe you a lot.

I will rejoice from the bottom of my heart that I am living my commitment and my determination.

I will not ask anyone to have pity on me, I’m not pathetic.
But if you love me, then support the cause that I have defended and that I will defend as long as I am alive, namely freedom, love between Rwandans, mutual respect and advocacy of freedom for all.

Yes, I am in prison, but I’m in my country where I share the pain with my people day by day.
I’m not on a desert island, I’m held with thousands of other Rwandans who are waiting for justice like me.
I know that my friend Bernard Ntaganda is here too, there is Charles Ntakirutinka and other forgotten ones that nobody is talking about anymore.

Yes, it’s true I am living the prison life but neither death nor prison are an end in itself nor for me nor for anyone longing for freedom for his people as a whole.

They will keep me in jail but they will never have my conscience, even after my death if they decide to end my life on earth.

If I should die, I am ready. But freedom and truth, justice and mutual respect between the Rwandan, peace for all Rwandans and for all Africa… that, they will survive through other citizens who have believed and still believe in them.

Arise my people.

Deo Mushayidi


1 nsengiyumva { 10.17.10 at 6:04 am }

Very inspirational words from a great soul.
Let them inspire each one of us.

2 Frank Habineza { 10.17.10 at 12:16 pm }

We shall not abandon you Deo Mushayidi. You will be freed soon, with all other political prisoners. We are now demanding for immidiate release of Vctoire Ingaibire, Bernard Ntaganda, Deo Mushayidi, Charles Ntakiritutinka and all other political prisoners

3 Dr. Barbara E. Harrell-Bond, OBE { 10.18.10 at 6:37 am }

A plea for solidarity for all those also innocent Rwandan refugees, both Hutu and Tutsi, even genocide survivors, who are living in fear daily of abduction and imprisonment from both Rwandan and Uganda security personnel who are in league with the forces that would refoul all Rwandans from Uganda. All should protest the signing of the Cessation Clause by UNHCR, the Ugandan and Rwandan government.

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