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Congo Was �Killed� By The West � Kagame

President Paul Kagame has described the volatile Democratic�Republic of Congo(DRC) as a �dead body� of a state �killed� by�the west.

The Rwanda President has been under fire for reportedly arming and recruiting combatants to back up the M23, a charge he denies.

Addressing government officials, media, diplomatic community and civil society during the 10th National Dialogue in Kigali on Thursday, Kagame reiterated his determination to fend off criticism that he is to blame for the humanitarian and security crisis in Kivu that has left thousands of Congolese in refugee camps.
�These so-called famous reports (UN Reports on Congo) are pre-written. The so-called experts are hired to go and confirm their bosses� wrong perceptions. They have no facts,� charged Kagame.
The President was visibly angry.
�You should see the faces of those who want to rewrite our history. Don’t be afraid of them. You must rise up and fight for your dignity,� he added.
Speaking in Kinyarwanda, Kagame emphasized there was no �easier way of getting valuable things.�
Kagame raised eyebrows in the Parliament�Building�when he said some elements in�the west�were �laying traps to jeopardize our security.�
�Some people out there do want to see you self reliant. It’s not easy but we shall get there.�
He condemned African journalists� behavior of authoring negative articles about Africa �to win prizes from�the west,� arguing �we should not behave like those who look down upon us; we have to fight and refuse to accept this attitude.�
He added: �The west�doesn�t want you to have a good profile. Why should we agree to be herded? We’re not cattle or sheep.�


In what appeared as a move to expose the hypocrisy of�the west, Kagame spilled some secrets before his audience.
�Those people out there will come and tell you, �oh, there are no human rights in Rwanda.� Then after sometime they will come back and say, �oh, even if human rights are abused we don�t mind as long as you do what we want,� said Kagame, sending the audience into rib-cracking laughter.
The President presented challenges faced by Africa, including acceptance of neo-colonial attitudes perpetrated by western imperialists.
�Africans, why do we accept to be treated in this manner? Some people give us wrong labels. Why should Rwanda accept this?� he charged.
He said �these bad people invent stories, spread lies before media and then come here to preach to us human rights and democracy, adding, �If�decisionmakers are bad people, the situation becomes dangerous.�
He further said no country whatsoever �can accept this injustice meted on us every day,� emphasizing, �Rwandans must be angry at this kind of situation.�
The Rwandan leader said �we must be seen to have sufficient anger at this injustice; we must fight for self reliance.�
In a sarcastic tone, Kagame said he had his own problems and was not willing to shoulder other countries� burdens.
�If you want me to solve my neighbours’ problems, then pay me,� he said.
Kagame noted the $1bn-a-year UN peacekeeping�project�by MONUSCO had failed to save Congo.
�You cannot spend a lot of money and after failing you come here and say solve this Congo problem.�
He pledged to �keep refusing these accusations.�
Kagame said Rwandans must not look like they are accepting allegations that their government is bankrolling M23 operations.
�You Rwandans, why allow these accusations (Congo)? Do you have a problem? Why allow this?
For how long shall we be accused of everything? What’s wrong with you? Why allow being pushed all over?�
The President added: �Somebody killed Congo and brought the corpse to our doorstep. They are now�calling�for our punishment. Later they come and say �we know you did not kill Congo but please do what we want.�
He said pushing for self reliance and dignity is good but comes with a cost.
�Some people want to push you down. Self reliance comes with dignity, something you have to fight for,� he concluded. News|



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