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African Union to back Rwanda to protest UN “Genocide” report in New York

Kigali – The African Union is tipped to use the 65th Session of the United Nations General Assembly to force amendments on the report that accuses Rwanda of alleged Genocide in DR Congo.

The session that gets under way on Monday in New York has been rocked by the leaking of the report linking Rwanda troops to genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The UN was left with egg on its face after the contents of the 600-page draft report was leaked, prompting the secretary-general Ban Ki-moon to fly to Rwanda to ease tensions.

Former and current diplomats told the Kenyan newspaper ‘Sunday Nation’ that the African Union will seek changes to the document as a show of solidarity with Rwanda which has become a major player on the continent.

Another former ambassador and now university don, Prof Frank Matanga, says the leak has exposed the UN and left it with no option but to cause the amendments as demanded by Rwanda.

The recognition of Rwanda’s growing importance in African affairs, Prof Kikaya added, should provide a good starting point to mobilise the AU block to demand tighter structures to forestall any future leaks.

“The burden is on Rwanda’s diplomatic corps to lobby the African caucus to give its position on this matter,” he told the Kenyan daily.

Rwanda’s growing importance in the continent since the genocide in 1994 can be seen in its peace efforts in the region.

It currently has 3300 peacekeeping force and 86 police serving with a joint UN and African Union force (Unamid) in the troubled western Sudanese region of Darfur. It is led by Rwandan Lt Gen Patrick Nyamyumba.

Another 256 troops serve with the UN Mission in Sudan (Unmis), which is supporting the implementation of a peace deal between north and south.

“Rwanda was the first country to send troops to a very treacherous place to monitor implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. It therefore pioneered the African-based force,” Prof Kikaya pointed out.

Instead of bashing Rwanda, the UN should be thanking the country for evolving African-based peace keeping in the continent, added Prof Kikaya.

The fact that the report also names Uganda, Zimbabwe, Angola and Burundi, it creates sympathy among other African leaders to fall behind their colleagues, according to diplomats.

President Kagame will also meet with UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon and other top UN officials as part of Rwanda’s offensive against the report due to be released on October 01.


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1 I. Nsengiyumva { 09.22.10 at 4:03 am }

I would lose hope for the future of Africa it were true that 1) the African Union is contemplating asking the UN to amend the report about the atrocities committed by Rwandan troops in the DRC and 2) Prof. Makaya really stated that: “Instead of bashing Rwanda, the UN should be thanking the country for evolving African-based peace keeping in the continent, added Prof Kikaya.”

It would simply mean that africans do not care about human life. I once castigated Museveni for saying once that ” africans were stupid enough to allow to be made slaves and some to take part in the slave trade” but now I am starting to think that I should revisit my reflectiob, when I hear african diplomats and a Professor finding reasons to justify covering up allegations over the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people including women and children in the most outrageous manner. We may recall that some africans were opposing the slave trade while some brave foreigners were campainging against it.
How on earth will African governments ( not countries because the people are not consulted) oppose a well documented report by a UN organisation of which they are a member without a counter investigation to say the contrary. It is already a shame and embarrassing that the AU Commission for Human Rights would not have initiated an investigation in the first place. It shows what it stands for: Defending club members from justice.

I just cant understand how Prof. Kikaya would say that because Rwanda provides peacekeeping troops then it mus be absolved for having killed for hundreds of thousands of people. It is good for Rwanda to get some work for its oversized army. The cost of what happens to them where they are deployed is not an issue, if we went by the logic that the UN should not bother about crimes committed in the DRC”. That army does not have a moral authority anymore to be anywhere keeping the peace. It does not matter because the sponsors are very powerful.

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