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Rudasingwa on when started the Rwandan Genocide?

Question by Claude Bakari:
What is your point view on Rwandan Constitution in one of its articles which states that the Rwandan genocide started on 1st October 1990?

Answer by Theogene Rudasingwa:
While there had been serious human rights abuses over several decades, I do not agree that genocide began on 1st October1990. There were serious human rights violations in Bigogwe, Kibilira, Bugesera, etc… targeting Tutsi. On the RPF side there were equally serious human rights abuses targeting Hutu in areas controlled by the rebel RPF. Kagame and RPF would not wish the latter to be investigated and perpetrators brought to account, and the international community leans biased towards Kagame’s manipulations.
It may take time, but one day Kagame and those he has corrupted into these crimes will have their day in court. It all depends on us Rwandans, how far we are willing to struggle for justice for everyone?

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November 1, 2011   8 Comments