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Obama deploys US combat troops in Uganda, Rwanda and neighbouring countries

US President Barack Obama has announced he is deploying 100 “combat-equipped” troops to Uganda to help efforts against rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), who Washington accuse of grievous human rights abuses.

The US troops, subject to the approval of national authorities, could also deploy from Uganda into South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of the Congo, Obama said in a message to Congress.

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Rwanda: Urgent SOS for Bernard Ntaganda and other jailed leaders of the opposition party PS Imberakuri

In an official announcement made public by its First Vice-President Alexis Bakunzibake, the opposition party PS Imberakuri is worried by the alarming detention conditions of Mr Eric Nshimyumuremyi, Mr Bernard Ntaganda and Mr Donatien Mukeshimana.


Mr Eric Nshimyumuremyi is the party leader in District of KICUKIRO who has been shot by plain clothes police recently in very dubious circumstances.

“the information on our disposal state that he is in very critical health conditions: the area in chest where the bullet is still locked has started rotting. In addition, he is daily being tortured and beaten by his guards at the police hospital where he is being detained.”

Plan to assassination Party Leader Bernard NTAGANDA

The PS IMBERAKURI party has also been informed that there is a conspiracy to assassinate Mr. Bernard NTAGANDA, President and Founder of the party, in his detention cell in the Maximum Security Prison of Kigali since June 2010.  This assassination scheme is being led by one GAHIMA Fred, a prisoner in charge of the RPF Task Force inside the Maximum Security Prison of Kigali. The conspiracy to assassinate our leader will start by the murder of Mr. Donatien MUKESHIMANA, in charge of NTAGANDA’s security.

Case of Donatien MUKESHIMANA

Mr. Donatien MUKESHIMANA, also detained with Me NTAGANDA, has been transferred into a solitary confinement cell with no light, no enough space to lie down and where he is continuously sprayed with sewage water, day and night. Mr. MUKESHIMANA Donatien is in very critical conditions, his legs and eyes have severely swollen and he can barely stand and get out by his own.

The P.S. IMBERAKURI party implores all people of goodwill to speak out on behalf of its party leaders and other detained politicians and to denounce these inhuman persecutions of the government of Rwanda towards its political opponents.

[PS Imberakuri PRESS RELEASE N° 018/P.S. IMB/011]

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