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New evidence that President Kagame of Rwanda is a Cheat

Kagame has nowhere to hide

The Rwandan emperor is totally naked. Kagame has nowhere to hide! Every corner of the world now knows him as a cheat and conman. He usually paints himself as Mr Zero Tolerant for corruption but Kagame is now exposed as the most corrupt leader on this planet.

On top of the World: Butcher Kagame and the First Lady pose for photos as they enter the Clinton Global Initiative’s reception. Sept 21, 2011. New York

But look at the world coverage of his $20,000.00 a night hotel room in New York City.

  • From New York, the New York Post originally exposed the butcher and Kamikazi/AD picked up the shocking story.
  • From Canada, the Ottawa Citizen has picked up the butcher’s criminal bills.
  • From San Fransciso, the Bayview has carried the story.
  • From London, the Telegraph and Daily Mail exposed the butcher!
  • In addition our own article is tracking very well and is on the front page of Google; item number 4 on the results, when you search for the story. Thank you all for broadcasting this article and keeping AD alive and relevant.
  • From India and  Deccan Chronicle are also reporting the story.

Here are some of these coverages! The butcher is cornered.


Look at this picture. The Kagames are having the greatest time of their lives. They are on top of the world.

But their lives is pure fantasy – The Kagames live in a different planet from most Rwandans who eke a living of less than a dollar a day.

Consider the just concluded visit to New York by the Kagames.

AfricanDictator can reveal that while the Rwandan Butcher stayed in Mandarin Oriental Hotel during the UN General Assembly, the President of the United States stayed at Waldorf Astoria and the British Prime Minister in Intercontinental Barclays.

Here is the shocking part.

The Mandarin Oriental in 5 Star Hotel, ranked 4th best hotel in New York City. With all taxes added to the base charges, the Kagame suite costs $20,665.50 a night. Rwandan president’s £12,000–a–night hotel

Remember Kagame has a huge entourage of security, protocol, cooks, valet and sycophants that advise him. A “simple” room at  The Mandarin Oriental is $1,000.00. A Kagame entourage of 10 would cost $10,000.00. The total daily Kagame bill would $30,000.00 excluding meals, drinks and his shopping spree.

Now compare with the President of the United States and British Prime Minister.

President Obama stays at the Woldorf Asteria, ranked 26th best hotel in New York City. This is a 4.5 star hotel. A suite costs his taxpayer $10,000.00 – half of Kagame’s room at the Mandarin Oriental. A simple room for Obama’s staff would cost $319.00.

British Prime Minister David Cameron stayed at the Intercontinental Barclays, a 4 star hotel ranked 100th among New York City hotels. A suite costs $3,000.00, while a simple room costs $144.00.

  • What are we Rwandans and friends of Rwanda to conclude from this?
  • What are the British and Americans that sustain the Rwandan butcher have to say about this?

Jon Swaine, writing in the Telegraph catches the feeling of many Rwandans when he writes: “The average Rwandan would need to work for 18 years just to be able to afford one night in the “luxurious two–bedroom suite”, which boasts ‘panoramic views of Central Park and the city skyline’.”

The biggest question though is: how are we Rwandans ever going to end Kagame’s misrule? As Kagame keep telling us his compatriots, we can keep making noises – we are just frogs. He, the elephant, does not care.

Sadly, we have indeed become a nation of frogs, where a tyrant runs amock unhindered.

Dear AD, the Rwandan Dictator indeed outspent everyone during the UN General Assembly.

Compare with other African Heads of State.

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, the biggest economy on the continent stayed at the the Ritz Carlton, Central Park where a suite cost $6500 a night.

President Ouattara of Cote d’Ivoire and Dictator Kabila  of DRC stayed the Waldorf – same hotel as President Obama. Less fancy suites at the Waldorf go for between $7,000 and $8000.

We have a sick head of state in Rwanda.


September 27, 2011   6 Comments