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Kagame’s visit to Paris: “I’m here to build for the future”

In what is being described as a turning of the page in mutual relations, the President of Rwanda has made his first official visit to Paris since his country’s 1994 genocide.
Counter-claims over the cause of the massacre have strained relations between the two countries for years. President Paul Kagame said: “In my coming here we have been forward looking, rather than looking to the past. So I’m here to build for the future, not for the past.”
Not everyone is happy to see Kagame in Paris however…


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President Sarkozy receives President Kagame at the Élysée Palace

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President Paul Kagame of Rwanda on visit in Paris answers questions of France 24

Watch the interview offered by Paul Kagame to France 24 in Paris on 12 Septembre 2011.

In his only TV interview during his historic visit to France, Rwandan President Paul Kagame sits down with France 24’s Marc Perelman to talk about the improved relations between both countries, his willingness to stop talking about the controversies of the past and answers to the critics who describe him as a dictator.
[France 24]

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