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UK Government may be waking up, finally, to who Kagame really is

The ‘African Dictator’ comments on the warning issued by UK’s MI5 to Kagame’s envoy in the UK.

Paul Kagame

The Kagame dictatorship continues to show its true colours not only at home but abroad as well.

The British government security service MI5 has reportedly warned the Rwandan High Commissioner to stop harassing Rwandan residents living in various parts of the UK.

According to the London newspaper The Independent, Ernest Rwamucyo, the Rwandan High Commissioner to Britain has been told by M15 that Britain’s aid to Rwanda that amounts to ?83 million annually may be cut unless the near criminal activities by him and his subordinates stop.

This is not the first time that foreign governments have warned Rwanda about its aggressive behavour towards Rwandans that reside in their countries. Evidently any member of the Rwandan Diaspora that does not worship Kagame is automatically considered an enemy of the state.

Rwandans in the UK have previously held demonstrations against such heavy-handedness.

The good thing is that governments in Europe are no longer deceived by Kagame’s public relations machinery that brands him “visionary” leader while his officials terrorise those with a different viewpoint. Governments are increasingly seeing him as a ruthless dictator they rather not associate with. Prime Ministers of Spain and Belgium shunned him when he recently set foot in the two countries. Kagame would think twice before visiting South Africa where he stands accused of attempting to assassinate his former army chief of staff. South Africa has since pulled its Ambassador from Rwanda.

In a desperate need to satisfy his personality cult in a shrinking pool of admirers, Kagame nowadays settles for visits to fellow dictators such as Nguesso in Congo; or goes to lecture students about competitiveness at Harvard, or as he did this week to hang out in New York City with what he imagines to be fellow celebrities in Time’s top 100 influential people!

But as is indicated in the Independent newspaper article, the UK government, too may be waking up, finally, to who Kagame really is if they needed further evidence. Countries such as Belgium, France, South Africa are only too aware of what Rwanda embassies pre-occupy themselves with – spying on and harrassing Rwandans.

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May 3, 2011   1 Comment