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Compact of collaboration between Rwandan opposition parties Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and CNR-Intwari

by Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa,
RNC Interim Co-ordinator

Rwanda National Congress has again signed a compact for collaboration with another Rwandan opposition group (CNR-INTWARI). This follows another compact with FDU-Inkingi earlier this week. Our vision is to be a bridge among and within all Rwandans, and to be a bridge to a future of a free, united, democratic, and prosperous Rwanda. In this we are certain that Rwandans will win, and that Kagame and his regime will ultimately lose.

The freedom train has left the station, and all Rwandans are welcome on board.

Even Kagame is welcome, if he can abandon his futile, self-destructive, and bloody reign of terror.

February 2, 2011   7 Comments

Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and Gen. Emmanuel Habyarimana’s CNR-Intwari party form coalition against Kagame regime

A few days after the announcement of Rwanda National Congress forming a coalition with FDU-Inkingi, the Convention Nationale Républicaine – Intwari (National Republican Convention – Intwari) led by former Rwanda’s minister of Defence General B.E.M Emmanuel Habyarimana has formed a political coalition with Rwanda National Congress in Martigny in Switzerland.

According to the press release, the coalition has been reaffirmed after the retreat of two political movements on 25-28 January 2011 in Switzerland.

“This meeting was to create a social political platform to discuss the way forward for Rwanda and the approach to her problems. Mobilising of Rwandans in Diaspora to stand-up together to fight Kagame’s dictatorship,” the release signed by Gen.Habyarimana and Gahima read in part.

The RNC delegation was lead by Joseph Ngarambe and Dr Gerald Gahima and CNR-Intwari’s delegation was lead by Gen. Emmanuel Habyarimana and Noel Ndanyuzwe, amending and affirming the pair’s first meeting of Baltimore in United States.

This move appears thus as a strengthening of the already existing partnership between the NRC-Intwari and the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) as reported on by Umuvugizi on 14th December 2010 in their article Ihuriro RNC ryakoranye amasezerano na CNR-Intwari.

RNC was founded and led by Gen. Faustin Kayumba, Maj. Rudasingwa, Dr Gerald Gahima and Col. Karegeya who are most wanted fugitives by Rwanda’s justice following military court sentences.

Gen.Emmanuel Habyarimana’s CNR-Intwari party was formerly called Partenariat – Intwari and has since 9th December 2010 taken the following three names (see Inteko y’Igihugu iharanira Repuburika – Intwari :
IIR-Intwari: Inteko y’Igihugu iharanira Repuburika-Intwari
CNR- Intwari: Convention Nationale Republicaine-Intwari
NRC-Intwari: National Republican Convention-Intwari.

All those names don’t appear to reduce the already confusing picture existing on the Rwandan political landscape.

February 2, 2011   13 Comments