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Rwandan Embassy in UK Plans to Eliminate Refugees

by Gasasira,
Umuvugizi Newspaper.

This is a full translation from Kinyarwanda of Umuvugizi Newsletter article: [ see Kagame yahagurukiye impunzi z’abanyarwanda mu Bwongereza]

Newspaper Umuvugizi has just received information from reliable sources that Kagame’s government might be planning a series of eliminations and acts of division within the Rwandan exiled community[in UK] by means of assassinations, poison and division.

Plans were initiated in a meeting between military and intelligence authorities in Kigali. The objective of the meeting was to find a way to eliminate exiled dissidents currently living in [United Kingdom]. Information material we received confirmed that Colonel Mupenzi, currently studying in UK, was invited to this meeting to give his insight into the community and the dissidence.

Colonel Mupenzi invitation was impromptu but he travelled as on school vacation. [Prior to his departure] he discussed with his embassy-based team of intelligence operatives regarding ways of eliminating dissidents as well as about means and funding of the mission.

He presented to his bosses in the meeting, the situation on the ground and his proposed solutions for an effective and quick elimination of the opposition so far as it is still possible.

He then presented the concern that Rwandan refugees in UK continue to shy away from the embassy while they are successfully settling in the country and achieving. He assessed that, otherwise, families of these refugees will continue to sympathise with the opposition.

He presented them a list of local representatives of FDU-Inkingi, RNC and Imvura political parties and assured them that they have been able to find agents to infiltrate them. Information we received also confirms that the current involvement of BBC Journalists were equally discussed.

On his return to United Kingdom, Colonel Mupenzi received new instructions. He passed them on to his operatives whom he instructed on how to eliminated opponents of Kagame’s regime, especially Rwandan refugees living [in UK].

Two days after his return, he instructed the Rwandan Embassy to call a certain lady Lieutenant Jeanne D’Arc Umulisa, a former Rwandan Defense Force servicewoman, who later went into exiled in 2000. She was called in a meeting in a Nandos Restaurant in Huston, London. They met at around 17h30.

The meeting was led by Rwandan Ambassador Ernest Rwamucyo and was also attended by Intelligence officer Jimmy Uwizeye and Mr. Murego also an intelligence officer. Mr. Murego had fled [Rwanda] in the past as did Lieutenant Jeanne, but he has been brought back to work under Kagame’s umbrella. Lieutenant Jeanne is a founder of “Wariyo Baka”, an association of Rwandan exile ex-soldiers living in UK.

These Kagame’s agents under the leadership of Ambassador Rwamucyo instructed [Jeanne] to dissolve the association and to join RPF party. Otherwise, she would face serious consequences and soon realised her mistakes, in case she refuses to apologize and rejoin the ranks.

The Ambassador Rwamucyo warned her that, if she fails to dissolve the association of exiled RDF servicemen and to apologize, he will take steps to dissolve it and prove her wrong.

The lady explained the objectives of the association, which is to help former soldiers from helplessness, alcoholism and anyone else who was mentally affected by the war. The ambassador replied that they are not in favour of the objectives of her association especially that it intends to commemorate the 2nd October 1990 and that they are aware that she has left the RPF party.

Through our own inquiry, we learnt that Colonel Mupenzi, using one of his many phones, spent evenings of 4th, 5th and 6th of January 2011 calling all exiled ex-military personnel living in UK and asking them to disown her in exchange of some incentives.

This high-ranking military officer, with the help of Jimmy Uwizeye the Rwandan Embassy’s intelligent officer, is currently tasked with locating certain refugees in the [UK] and to lure them. Other refugees will have to be monitored closely to know where they live and what they do.

Information we received also confirms that [there are] plans to eliminate Rwandan refugees by ways of false accusations, using hired English people to be sent to wherever they are or in their homes.

One of the main secret agents is a certain Abera, who resides in UK as a refugee. Abera is acting under the Diaspora initiative in locating Rwandans through their wives. Abera has even transformed her home into a pub to offer a place of meeting to the embassy agents and other refugee-disguised agents who are living off the UK taxpayer’s money.

We also know that secret agent Abera’s husband is Peter Butera. Peter Butera was deported from the United Kingdom after he was found to be engaged in child trafficking of three young girls. The three girls are daughters of his brother-in-law. They travelled under the identity of his own children and wife who are already in UK.

After he was caught, Peter Butera instructed the girls to deny any relationship with Abera. The Home Office had no choice than to look after [the girls]. However, the girls are in contact with two of Abera’s sons and daughters, despite that their parents had denied it.

You will recall that the court case to deport Dr Bajinya and others was initiated by Peter Butera when he was still living in UK. He took the plan to Kigali to seek approval. When the plan was approved, these men were arrested shortly after.

One of the sign of the far reaching determination of intelligent officer Jimmy and his men is the way they planned to set fire on Rwandan Embassy’s building in order to falsely accuse Dr Bajinya and others of terrorism. However, by the UK government and justice system efficiency, these men were not deported and these new accusations were not accepted in the court.

Also, we have information that Rwandan embassy is using some of the former renegade soldiers who had exiled and living poverty in UK. These young men have joined the intelligence network to spy on the UK, Ugandan Embassy and other Rwandan families residing in UK. Are targeted, relatives of the late former President Habyalimana, supporters of Rwanda National Congress, United Democratic Forces as well as local BBC journalists.

This intelligence Network has a deep hierarchy with different branches in the country. At the top of the largest branch is intelligent officer Jimmy who is an experienced spymaster. He was posted to UK following successful missions in Uganda where he was tasked with spying on the cooperation between both UK and Uganda. He was holding an important budget which he used to buy his own agents.

Another branch of the network is the so-called Diaspora initiative. They use this organisation to locate Rwandans, learn what they do and what are their political aspirations that may be opposed to Kagame’s and to RPF policies.

Before we published this news, we learned that a large budget has been spent or put at the disposal of the Rwandan intelligence community especially the military intelligence authorities. The main aim is to silence members of opposition in the Rwandan community in UK by assassinations or poisoning.

We highly wish to call on Rwandans in UK who are opposed to Kagame to be vigilant. They should avoid attending diner parties or same restaurants frequently.



[The Proxylake]

January 11, 2011   2 Comments