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South Africa govt. confirms they reception of Spain’s request to extradite ex-Rwanda General Kayumba Nyamwasa

Fugitive Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, accused of crimes against humanity

Johannesburg – A justice department spokesman says South Africa has received an extradition request from Spain for a Rwandan general already at the center of tensions between the two African countries.

Spokesman Tlali Tlali said Wednesday that he would not comment on how the South African government would respond to the request or when it was received by the government.

Spain’s cabinet on Friday said it was asking South Africa to extradite former army Gen. so that he can be tried for genocide and killing Spanish aid workers, charges Rwandan authorities have denied.

Spanish legal doctrine allows Spanish courts to prosecute egregious human rights crimes even if they are alleged to have occurred in other countries, so long as there is a clear link to Spain.


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Clinton is reluctant to criticize genocide suspect Kagame

by Dana Goldstein.

Good friends: Bill Clinton and genocide suspect Paul Kagame

21 Sept. – Clinton is taking a break from campaigning for struggling Democrats this week to preside over the Clinton Global Initiative, his fifth annual conference for the world’s political, philanthropic, business, and entertainment elite. CGI has changed the concept of power networking for public good: Potential donors fill the audience, listening to success stories featuring humanitarians and social entrepreneurs working around the globe. If an individual or company is inspired to give money, they publicly “commit” during or after the event.

At last year’s CGI, Clinton presented Rwandan President Paul Kagame with the Clinton Foundation’s Global Citizens Award.
This year, Kagame is accused of rigging his nation’s presidential election, and the U.N. reports that his army has been involved in human rights violations and systematic mass killings – amounting to genocide – of ethnic Hutus in Rwanda’s neighbor, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

But Clinton is reluctant to criticize Kagame, whom he credits with ending Rwanda’s devastating anti-Tutsi genocide and helping the nation heal. “It’s the best-run country in Africa,” Clinton said, adding that Kagame disputes the United Nations’ allegations against Rwanda. Clinton said he hoped Kagame would eventually “create space for dissent and accountability. But right now I’m not going to pre-judge him, because there’s a huge debate about what happened in the Congo and why. I just don’t know.”

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Victoire Ingabire on Kagame and RPF killings

Here an interview of Victoire Ingabire, leader of FDU-Inkingi opposition party, before a month before the UN report on Congo genocide:
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Campaigners against genocidaire Kagame in New York – Sept. 20

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