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Police raid Victoire Ingabire’s residence at night

by Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza.

Victoire Ingabire - challenges Gen. Paul Kagame and RPF

Victoire Ingabire - challenges Gen. Paul Kagame and RPF

Police Brutal night-time raid in my temporary residence

The police brutality in my residence last night is politically motivated. On 24th July 2010, from 20:10 to 20:50 a police flying squad drifted in my temporary residence, knocked off and assaulted 2 guests and a house watchman in front of the door. The victims are Mr. Martin NTAVUKA – FDU INKINGI leader in Nyarugenge district and Mr. Anastase HAGABIMANA – FDU INKINGI leader in Kicukiro district. They were handcuffed, beaten and taken to REMERA police detention facility. The watchman was left with face injuries including one eye swollen shut. Eye witnesses confirm death threats and ethnic hate abuses hurled on-spot by the officer KAREKEZI, a CID staff. Today, the governmental radio station, quoting police sources, informed that last night two were arrested for planning illegal protest next week and that “inflammatory print” T-shirts were confiscated. Our print t-shirts display normally our colours (green and red) and the text on either the front or the back says “WE NEED DEMOCRACY AND FAIR JUSTICE” or “TURASHAKA DEMOKARASI N’UBUTABERA BUSESUYE”. What is inflammatory in this?

From the 26th July 2010, a Kigali High Court opens the bail appeal hearings of many opposition leaders on demonstration charges while the incumbent is promising heaven to sorry Rwandans in rural areas.

Only this month of July, I was pressurized twice by landlords to vacate the rented houses or to face police eviction due to death threats from the ruling party. The current landlord turned up unexpectedly only two days after occupancy and prompted a speedy lease annulment process. A 20-day notice to vacate and a total refund of 5 months prepaid rent is in force since. A few months ago, Kigali hotels aborted at the last minutes our conference room reservations because of threats from the secret police. It looks like the regime will leave no stone unturned until the opposition is totally crushed.

We call upon the government of General Paul KAGAME to release them and to adequately address the issue of police brutality, beatings, torture, death threats, excessive force and the use of hate language, profanity and defamatory remarks.

Done at Kigali, 25th July 2010


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July 26, 2010   2 Comments