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Why Rwanda Government Is So Afraid About The Truth?

chocogirl ( commenting on Geoffrey York’s article, writes:

No need to blame colonialist at all time. Even before them Rwanda was not a heaven. Ethnic groups were fighting.
If there is no peace it is because there is huge money at stake.
Some guys use the power to get rich. The region is full of oil and minerals, therefore, all rich nations want to be there before the chinese. They are ready to negotiate with the devil or the angel.

Why that government is so afraid about the truth? It is very shamefull and disgusting to use the sadness of victims of both sides in ordrer to justify a tough regime often said being an horrible dictatoriship. It had not been good for any rulers. And the rwandan history shows how regime changed!!

Every Rwandan knows who killed the member of his familly. The extremists of both sides are equaly culprit.

The truth has to be said on both sides and freely. The question is to achieve really peace and participation of all Rwandans to the power. And that is not the case today.

To expect a lot from foreigners is a lost of time. The outsider never care. We saw it!!
We forget too quickly who funded and armed the talliban? And today, why NATO born guys are getting burnt for fighting the monstre one member state supported during years? The great lakes area in Africa will turn in the same way. Some countries are so militarised that they kick their neightbor when they want to do so. IT IS A SHAME.
When those suporting them will request a change in policy, they will be bitten!!

The article (Rwanda’s blood-soaked history becomes a tool for repression) in general say the truth.
But most important is that Rwandans have to say the truth between themselves and unite before it is too late.

Now we know.

by chocogirl –

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1 patty { 08.20.10 at 8:36 pm }

I think you are correct about Rwandans coming together to heal Rwanda. But, I am also aware that the $$$ and the guns and the international support for a corrupt Kagame government is not something that will succumb easily. But, with God all things are possible. I actually spend a whole day in prayer today and found myself praying for Rwanda and the Congo by Rwanda’s border for much of the afternoon. I know this is not going to be popular, but I think Immacule (Left to Tell) is the prophet for the way to peace in Rwanda and elsewhere. Give mercy where it isn’t deserved; and pray.
I certainly think that the violence in Rwanda could extinguish anyone’s faith ~ unless we realize that the violence is man made and forgiveness is God made.

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