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Video: Commented reading of the UN report on Rwanda-led Hutu Genocide in DR Congo

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1 manyamuala { 10.03.10 at 10:24 pm }

Just like the evidence for deaths of thousands and thousands Africans in Sierra Leone is being pinned on a pouch of diamonds handed to one super model Naomi Campell by Charles Taylor (he is on trial at the Hague), the genocide in Congo will eventually be hanged on some overzealous African window dressers who never give a damn about protecting Africans. There Africans are killing Africans by the millions without offering any development to the continent! African women, except for those ones whose husbands are involved in killing Africans, cannot even afford one spec of diamonds for which many African blood is being spilled!
So why is Africans on the hook for murders without anything to show for why they are murdering their own?

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