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Victoire Ingabire Is A Breath of Fresh Air In The Oppressive, Repressive Dictatorship In Kigali

Ingabire is a breath of fresh air in the oppressive, repressive dictatorship in Kigali. Why is Kagame and his friends afraid of JUSTICE that she seeks? They instead chose to twist her demand for justice as revisionism.

You can always count on Kagame, and Rwandan government to have apologists by the dozens. They do a good job of:

1. Justifying GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE by pointing to economic development. None of these apologists can articulate how economic prosperity justifies murdering human beings by the millions!

2. They do a good job of justifying the invasion of Congo. They justify over 5 000 000 innocent people by pointing to Hutu Militias operating in eastern Congo. Rwanda invaded Congo and fought Uganda in Congo TWICE. When did Ugandans become Hutu extremists? Five million people killed in Congo, how come they don’t go after the genocidaires and instead go after the Congolese.

3. They do a good job of ignoring that since the invasion of Rwanda in 1990 by Kagame and his RPF, over 300 000 people had been killed by the RPF in 1994 and a million people had been internally displaced. They talk about reprisal killings but IGNORE the Hutu Twa’s and Tutsis killed by the RPF prior to the Genocide.

4. Kagame’s apologists do a good job of minimizing the Genocide of FIVE MILLION Congolese mostly babies but are quick to highlight the Rwandan genocide. Is a Tutsi life more important than a Congolese life?

5. They are extremely good at using the genocide as a political tool to oppress Rwandans and torture Congolese. They believe in gacaca courts that convict people for not providing the “right” testimony but release confessed killers to live with their victims.

6. They use the genocide to silence all political opponents.

7. They blame the Belgians for bringing ethnicity to Rwanda. Those who claim the MYTH that the Belgians brought ethnicity or created ethnic divide in Rwanda are people who cannot tell the difference between a Tutsi and a Camel.

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