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Victoire Ingabire explains her Call For Resistance

In her recent CALL FOR A NON VIOLENT RESISTANCE (see Rwanda: The bell tolls for change), Mrs Victoire Ingabire encourages people to take action:
“Write in full letters, be it in your hand, in your head, in your heart, in your actions of everyday, in your small gestures, everywhere and every time:
“I want to resist, I resist for the welfare of my people”.
Each one of you has something he/she can do to make the change possible. What we need is courage and to accept to take charge of our destiny.
Let us all be the tools for that change that we want by resisting the dictatorship. The bell tolls for change.”

Norman S. Miwambo spoke to Mrs Victoire Ingabire and asked to say more about that resistance:

Norman S. Miwambo:
You recently wrote that ‘CALL FOR RESISTANCE’, what did you mean?

Victoire Ingabire:
Our understanding is that if we, as an opposition party, have no say in our country, it’s our right to say NO.
Dictators use fear to maintain people under their influence.
Our guiding principle is peace and non-violence.

The first steps of our resistance against state oppression by non-violent means will be for example to mobilize the population to slowly stay away from anything related to the regime, its administration, its arms and its instruments. Whenever the regime’s representatives show up, people just walk away peacefully. We want to clearly mark the widening rift between the government and the population.
Our supporters need some kind of training in this respect in order to progressively understand this concept, accept the subsequent sacrifices until a quality meaningful dialogue is established between the opposition and the regime.

Source: Modern Ghana

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1 Prince { 08.01.10 at 3:52 am }

Talking about the impossible, You cant force people to hate a system that has given them dignity on the global arena. Just forget.

2 mistreous { 08.02.10 at 1:28 am }

i dont see any kind of contribution by the so called aposition in this country”s development and proseperity

3 Monte { 08.04.10 at 1:20 am }

You two are talking nonsense, what development did rwanda achieve?. You have to know who control the flow of information & why Rwanda is being praised by the US & UK, especially formal president clinton & ex PM tony blair. Rwanda is still lagging behind in terms of GNP,GDP,life expectancy etc.. Rwanda has no natural resources such as gold,coltan,casterite,diamond etc..,but sold the most in the past 3 years. We all know why tony blair is a special adviser to kagome, & its bcoz of Congo mineral resources, & its bcoz of this that kagome’s Rwanda is being praised as an exchange from his masters. The reality in Rwanda people are suffering & western media are seeing the whole Rwanda as cleaned or so called developing as Kigali!!,go pass central Kigali you’ll question you knowledge of development. Shame on you kagome, billy clinton, tony blair & you, bill gate, we are watching you.

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