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Victoire Ingabire and the FDLR

In an exchange of views between Geoffrey York and Christopher Vourlias about the Rwandan political opponent Victoire Ingabire, Christopher Vourlias, alias “postcardjunky”, writes:

The UN’s damning report on mineral and weapons trafficking in the Congo last year directly linked Ingabire’s UDF-INKINGI party to FDLR elements…

Geoffrey York has answered this question (see article Is Victoire Ingabire “the poster child” for the Western Press?).

Here follows another comment posted by ‘Nzi Nink’ comments on this issue on M. Vourlias website:

These malicious fabrications and lies reveal nothing else but the interference of the Rwandan regime in fuelling rumours to the above experts? panel.

Indeed, in conivence with Africa Rights (a Human Rights Organization based in London) the Rwandan Government managed to insert in one of the annexes of the above UN Report a statement that some UDF-Inkingi members are in contact with FDLR military leadership.

Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza has never been in the military. She can’t even fire a toy gun but surely fires very well principles of democracy with her speech.

She repeatedly has denied having any ties with the FDLR. She even sent an open letter to the UN Secretary General H.E. Ban Ki-Moon to protest the above statement and no one, including “postcardjunky”, has undisputable proof that she does, other than hear-says and innuendos.

‘Nzi Nink’ comment –


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