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UN Secretary General begs Rwanda to maintain peacekeeping mission

* Rwanda asked for response on UN “Genocide” report.
* UN hopes Rwanda’s contribution to peacekeeping will continue for the peace and security of the region.


Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir shakes hands with Rwandan UNAMID Commander Lieutenant General Patrick Nyamvumba on arrival at the El Fasher International Airport, north Darfur, February 24, 2010. (Photo: Reuters)

The UN report which claims that Rwanda forces may have committed genocide on Hutu populations in DR Congo over a 10-year period will be released in October with comments from the named countries, its authors said Thursday.

U.N. High Commission for Human Rights announced in Geneva that it will publish the already leaked draft on October 01. The release of the 600-page document will include responses of all the countries named, according to the commission chief Navi Pillay.

She said in a statement that following requests from the affected countries, “we have decided to give concerned states a further month to comment on the draft”.

The document largely attacks Rwanda, but also names Burundi, Uganda, Angola, and Zimbabwe. Their armies invaded DR Congo with different motives, and the report also includes information on minerals plundering.

Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo angrily slammed the report on Tuesday blaming the U.N. High Commission for Human Rights and ex-UN Secretary General Kofi Annan of deliberately ‘diminishing’ the Tutsi Genocide by accepting to fund this report in first place. According to Rwanda governement, Kofi Annan showed his incompetence by accepting to fund such report before leaving office.
However, the former UN Secretary-General and 2001 Nobel Prize for Peace winner says in a statement that “ he has had no involvement in the findings of this draft report.”

Minister Mushikiwabo said Rwandan soldiers and police in five different countries on UN peacekeeping missions will be withdrawn immediately the report is published. The pullout will apparently start with the 3560 troops in Sudan.

There have been no comments from any countries on Rwanda’s decision, but on Thursday, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon broke his silence – asking Rwanda to reconsider its decision.

Noting Rwanda’s contribution to two UN peacekeeping missions in Sudan, Ban told journalists in Vienna (Austria): “I hope that this contribution will continue for the peace and security of the region.”

“Peace and security in Darfur and Sudan has very big implications for peace in the wider region,” he added, according to the AFP news agency.

On the delay to release the damning report, a spokesman of the UN rights commission which commissioned it declined to say whether Rwanda was among the states seeking to comment on the report, Reuters news agency reported.


1 I. Nsengiyumva { 09.03.10 at 7:58 am }

I quite understand why the rwandan government would make such a threat. The report is so damaging to the moral authority of the government to rule that it would do everything possible to fight it being published. Published or not the truth is known. The allegations are so serious that it should trigger the action of the International Criminal court.
I doubt if the rwandan government would pull out the troops.
It is harder for the UN to keep them than it is for Rwanda. The rwandan army would have litttle authority to maintain peace when its leadership is accused of having involved in criminal activites of serious nature. Pulling them would therefore be admitting that they are not worthy of mainting the peace.
Bringing them back would be very costly to Rwanda. Were do you put them? the army is already oversize for Rwanda purposes. It would be dangerous to keep any army that has nothing to do. Are they going to be demobilised? and do what?
The government will have lost the political leaverage it had on its main sponsors, the US and the UK whose interest has been partly to make Rwanda a labour reserve for UN peacekeeping.

2 manyamuala { 09.03.10 at 12:12 pm }

Rwanda forces are paid mercenariies for multinational corporations who are operating in war/disaster torn areas where these corporations have intersets and desire to suppress the locals. They are paid to spill Africans blood!

During the 2007/2008 Kenyan elections turmoil, Rwandan and/or Ugandan forces were sighted in Kisumu Town and other areas around Lake Victoria, Kenya. About 1500 Kenyans were killed and 350,000 displaced because of the rigged elections. The EU and US were not interested the Kenyan voters determining the outcome of the elections and they were willing to assert their interests by all means possible!
Rwandan forces are operating in Congo and Dafur as well as monitoring their own citizens inside and outside Rwanda for assassination purposes.
There are reports that Rwandan and /or Ugandan forces were operating in Haiti after the eathquake hit Haiti. This is how the racist corporations looting resources are operating. Using Africans to control Africans. Us a black person to infiltrate other black people! This process have been used over and again, particularly in Africa where
UK and US are now recruiting unemployed African young men and converting them into paid private mercenaries/killers against unarmed Africans on behalf foreign corporations and businesses. Soon, Sub Saharan Africa is going to be a region flooded with young men are proned to killing other Africans! The picture is grim indeed! Why can’t these youths protect African resources from being plundered instead of allowing themselves to used as murderous security guards/beasts?

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