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The tragic consequences of the UK Geo-strategic ambitions and the British Budget Support to Rwandan genocide suspect General Kagame

by UK-Africa.

Summary: The tragic consequences of the UK Geo-strategic ambitions and the British Budget Support to genocide suspect General Kagame

UK Aid That Kills:
UK aid financed Museveni and Kagame’s mass killings, rapes, genocides and war crimes from Uganda to Rwanda; and from Rwanda and Uganda to D.R. Congo.

The Rwandan genocide and 6,000,000 Congolese and Hutu refugees killed are the culminating point of a long UK’s battle to expand their influence to the African Great Lakes Region. Here are some facts as compiled by UK-Africa:

● UK supported Kagame’s guerrilla war by providing military support and money.

● The UK refused to intervene in Rwanda during the genocide to allow Kagame to take power by military means that triggered the genocide.

● Kagame’s fighters and their families were on the Ugandan payroll paid by UK budget support.

● 4 Heads of State assassinated in the francophone African Great Lakes Region.

● 2,000,000 people died in Hutu and Tutsi genocides in Rwanda, Burundi and RD.Congo.

● 600,000 Hutu refugees killed in D.R. Congo, Uganda, Central African Republic and Rep of Congo.

● 6,000,000 Congolese dead.

● 8,000,000 internal displaced people in Rwanda, Burundi and DR. Congo.

● 500,000 permanent Rwandan and Burundian Hutu refugees, and Congolese refugees around the world.

● English language expansion to Rwanda to replace the French language.

● 20,000 Kagame’s fighters paid salaries from the British Budget Support from 1986 to present.

● £500,000 of British taxpayer’s money paid, so far, to Kagame and his cronies through the budget support, SWAPs, Tutsi-dominated parliament, consultancy, British and Tutsi-owned NGOs.

● Kagame has paid back the British aid received to invade Rwanda and to strengthen his political power by joining the East African Community together with Burundi, joining the Commonwealth, imposing the English Language to Rwandans to replace the French language; helping the British to establish businesses and to access to jobs in Rwanda, and to exploit minerals in D.R. Congo.


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1 manyamuala { 09.16.10 at 6:42 am }

Kagame and his army are merely hired mercenaries, killing, raping and displacing Africans on behalf of multinational corporations who are looting of the Congolese minerals at gun points!
This also explains explains why Kagame is threatening the UN Sectretary General with the withdrawal of his mercenaries who are operating under guise of UN peace keeping forces should the UN report on RPF genocide in Congo be made public! WOW!
These are the who do not want the UN report to come out !

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