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Stop This Brutality – Kagame Told By Obama Government

Susan Rice (C) is visiting Rwanda (AFP/File, Steve Terrill)

Dear Pen-fighters, increase the pace of efforts to remove Kagame. The man is finished. Its just that Rwandans are not yet organised to dump him in the dustbin where he belongs.

Guess where we are getting support to rid ourselves of the Rwandan butcher – from his friends, the Americans and the British.

Yesterday (Wednesday 22 November), we in Kigali witnessed something extraordinary. President Obama’s Envoy to the UN, Susan Rice, told Kagame right here in Rwanda that he should stop harassing the opposition, media, society and allow greater political openness to develop.

These are her own words and shocking analysis of the toxic environment Kagame has created in Rwanda:

  • “Civil society activists, journalists, and political opponents of the government often fear organizing peacefully and speaking out.”
  • “Some have been harassed. Some have been intimidated by late-night callers. Some have simply disappeared.”
  • The political culture in Rwanda under President Paul Kagame’s government “remains comparatively closed.”
  • “Press restrictions persist.”
  • “In Rwanda, economic development and political openness should reinforce each other.”

In the world of diplomacy, this is a slap in Kagame’s face – on his own soil! The Kagame the strongman is finished.

What is striking is that Susan Rice, who used to be Kagame personal friend, came all the way from America to tell the Rwandan dictator that he is no good.

And of course Rice is no other than President Obama’s top diplomat and Envoy to the United Nations. In other words, Obama has told the Rwandan dictator that the whole world knows what the tyrant is presiding over – “iron fist rule.”

In the UK, the British Conservative Party activists recently admitted that they now place greater distance between Kagame and their community work in Rwanda.

Fellow Rwandans, the message to us is loud and clear. Let us wake up and organise to end the Kagame tyranny. His American and British friends that have sustained Kagame politically and economically are ahead of us – they are telling him to his face that he is a rotten dictator who must change his ways.

But we know better. A hyena or vampire cannot live without killing people. Kagame belongs in a dustbin. What are we waiting for?

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Interahamwe oyeee!!!!muderers!shame on all of uou.

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