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Rwanda’s president Kagame wants accountability

In an interview with Monitor newspaper, President Paul Kagame gives a monologue as a wise and honest person about accountability. Irony and extreme duplicity!
Here is what he says:

Kagame on accountability

“In addressing the problems of Rwanda that we have faced and I think which extend beyond our borders in politics or in our social and economic lives I believe strongly, I have a conviction, that there is one element that needs to be adhered to and always needs to guide us; this is the issue of accountability.

Can we create a system that fairly or even that democratically or whichever way you look at it, that will hold everybody, every individual, leaders- the senior the junior, even the systems accountable?

Read reaction reader’s reaction in the article:
Kagame, where is your accountability?

The issue of accountability for me, the life I’ve lived, how I have seen things, the way I’ve studied them, you won’t get anything right – the politics, development – unless you have accountability because lack of accountability is what makes the Kayumbas, the Karegeyas and others to behave so recklessly.
They have maybe certain desires they want to satisfy and they’d want to do it anyhow, they want to do it using their positions, they feel they are entitled and in many ways they infringe on the rights of the majority of these people they are supposed to lead.

There should be accountability at every level; it doesn’t matter whether you’re a general, a president, an ordinary citizen, an MP or a minister; there should be a sense of accountability and that’s what has killed this country before and that’s probably what kills many other countries on the continent.”

Excerpt from article ‘Why I fell out with Generals, says Kagame’ by Monitor Managing Editor Daniel Kalinaki – May 23rd, 2010.

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