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Rwandan Diaspora: Are We Really ‘Dogs’ As Kagame Famously Called Us?

AD and fellow members of Rwandan Diaspora, I am an angry and frustrated man I admit. Every time I catch an image of Kagame on TV or Newspaper, I become sick.  Not at him but at me, for my cowardice.

Look at our situation. This scheming high school dropout Kagame is terrorizing 11 million people day in day out. I cannot stand this any longer. And we in Diaspora, what are we doing? If our compatriots cannot do much inside the country before they fear for their lives, what is our excuse for not doing more at least go isolate this dictator?

In my circles now people are debating if our dictator will change the constitution to stay in power or he will find a stooge to take over to keep the dictator safe after he leaves office.

This is the most useless debate because we cannot remain in this situation for another six years. No way. This man has to go, or at least we must figure out how to make his life intolerable as he is making ours miserable.

Can we stand this man who has made Rwanda literally a prison where wife and husband spy in each other?

A head of state who has locked up opposition and media – and even killed some?

A man who sends his killers to assassinate people, and even when caught discussing the details on telephone how to accomplish their sick deeds, Kagame promotes them as he did with Nziza and Munyuza?

A so called leader that abuses a visiting American ambassador, after her head of state President Obama just saved Kagame from loosing presidential immunity in light of accusations leveled against the dictator?

A man who on his own freezes a foreign country’s ambassadorial bank accounts in retaliation to a judiciary-sanctioned action that Kagame provoked by stealing from a businessman as in the case of Belgium?

A horrible, vain and shameless human being that lives like a medieval emperor in unimaginable luxury while most of Rwandans live on less than a dollar a day?

And we the Rwandan Diaspora what are we doing, besides being part of our dictator’s boasts that we contribute to his alleged “impressive economic growth” through our money transfers?

If our people inside Rwanda are either apathetic or afraid to act openly for change – which is understandable given the brutality of Kagame regime, why are we the Diaspora not actively engaging for change? And please, showing up to demonstrate once in a while when Kagame shows up is hardly enough.

I often wonder what goes on in our Diaspora minds when I read other people using Facebook and Twitter to try and launch Egypt-type protests in their countries. I read about Diaspora bloggers who were mobilizing their Libya compatriots from Switzerland and I just hang my head in shame. Why are we so cowardly or should I say lazy?  Or in Kagame words, turimbwa?

Part of the problem is off course that we are not exactly a unified group.

We are often mixed up and disorganized, and this is because there are many people who are disruptive and are blocking any initiatives aiming to bring change to Rwanda. And guess what, our disruptive members are in service of Kagame cronies and embassies in countries where we live. Sadly, some key figures in Rwandan Diaspora are sometimes the partisans of the regime prompted by the money the regime dangles in front of their faces.

Look fellow Rwandans, I am frustrated by a realist. The wind of revolution that swept North Africa will not arrive in Rwanda today that is for sure.  But we cannot play dead dogs or noisy frogs and wait to see what Kagame will do in 2017 – stop these silly debates of 2017 and focus on what to do now. Begin by talking and convincing yourselves that change is possible in Rwanda today not in six years.

In the end I am so thankful that there is this site AD – when I am totally frustrated I read it. Please read and others like it, talk and write and debate – about today not what will happen in six years time. We need every Rwandan Diaspora member to begin to take the future of our country in our hands by even dreaming that a Rwanda without this thin cruel man Kagame is possible.  Stand up. We are not dogs, frogs or mosquitoes to be smashed by Kagame as he is always boasting.

I now pay tribute to Dr Susan Rice, President Obama’s Ambassador to the UN, who stood up to the dictator right in Kigali and told him to his face that he is predator under whose watch people are afraid to talk, are in prison and some simply vanished.


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