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Rwandan Ambassador Rwamucyo denies MI5 allegations

Ambassador Ernest Rwamucyo, the Rwanda envoy in the UK, denies allegations published on April 29th by UK newspaper ‘The Independent’ that he has been asked by MI5 to stop harassing and threatening Rwandan opponents living in the UK.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Listen to the Rwandan Ambassador Rwamucyo denying all allegations.” dl=”0″]

In an interview conducted by BBC, Rwamucyo claims that he had not been summoned to stop unlawful activities against Rwandan diaspora and that MI5 has no mandate to talk about possible review of UK aid to Rwanda.
He confirms, however, that he was present at the Nando’s meeting where, according to the victim’s story,threats were made against Jeanne Umulisa if she persists with her activities.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Listen to Jeanne Umulisa describing how she was threatened by Ambassador Rwamucyo and his team.” dl=”0″]

But one of the key witnesses who suffered threats from the Rwandan Embassy team and fears now for her life, ex-RPA officer Jeanne Umulisa, persists and signs that the Ambassador has summoned her to stop her activities of setting up an organisation of ex-RPF soldiers or to face consequences.


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