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Rwanda: Why hold elections, after all?

by Ambrose Nzeyimana.

Politics are the only playing field where when the rules are not fair, and everybody is convinced and confirmed in that fact, the match is played anyway.

Why on earth people having elections when the players don’t agree on the rules? Of course there are opportunists who are not inetersted in the rules of the game but only the personal gains they will get by participating.

Is it possible to call off the Rwandan presidential elections until the rules become fairer for every interested party? Rwandan partners have a big role to play in putting pressure on Kagame to change his current position.

Ambrose Nzeyimana, comment on blog.

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1 yududu { 03.19.10 at 1:35 pm }

I ask myself the same question.
Why wasting so much money, time and energy in an activity, called election, in which not only the players don’t agree on the rules of the game and also where the winner is known even before the game starts?

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