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Rwanda: Victoire Ingabire Claims Right Of Reply From CNN Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour, CNN

Christiane Amanpour, CNN

Kigali 17th March 2010
Christiane Amanpour
Chief International Correspondent
CNN International
New York, USA.

Subject: Right of rectification and reply against broadcasts which constitute attacks on my individual rights and my reputation.

Dear Christiane,

In your exclusive with President Paul Kagame aired on 15 March 2010 from 16:00, your guest took advantage to vilify my person and my political party. He accused me of talking about double genocide, denying genocide and the “old language of incitement” and hamelessly pretends to have that on record. It is important to rectify this inaccurate information about my stand on the Rwandan genocide and other crimes against humanity.

Victoire Ingabire - No subject should be taboe in Rwandan politics

Victoire Ingabire - No subject should be taboe in Rwandan politics

I would strongly like to set the record straight regarding the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda. My position is and has always been that the genocide took place in Rwanda and all criminals should be brought to book.
The point President Kagame and his propaganda machinery do not talk about is that I insist that all those, – involved in the genocide and in other systematic, widespread and flagrant violations of international humanitarian law committed in Rwanda, – whichever side they are from should be prosecuted.
This is the spirit of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 955
Establishing the International Tribunal for Rwanda (with Annexed Statute), S.C. res. 955, 49 U.N. SCOR at _, U.N. Doc. S/RES/955 (1994).

The interview and broadcasts will be used for electoral campaign benefits and that was not obviously the aim of the interview.
I draw your attention to the timing of the CNN exclusive with President Paul Kagame only a few months before a controversial presidential election in Rwanda while his government has totally sealed off the political space.
In fact my political party UDF INKINGI has been denied for the second time the right to convene on the allegations that the governmental police is still tailoring serious criminal charges against my person. The Green Democratic Party of Rwanda’s applications to convene have been rejected.
Today, the regime managed to split the Party Social Imberakuri after relentless harassments and interferences giving free press to its supporters and demonising the party founder.
It’s hard to believe that any of your guests exploits tragic issues for political purposes. One of the FDU INKINGI policy principles is not to entertain any discrimination or injustice among the living and the

I shall be most grateful if you could give me a chance for rectification and reply to those libels aired on CNN.

Tel : (+250) 078583600 –


1 yududu { 03.19.10 at 1:38 pm }

Hoping that Christiane will use her professionalism to give Ingabire her rights to response to Kagame’s lies on the same CNN show.

2 uwamwiza jocelyne { 03.23.10 at 5:51 pm }

Yes this will be a proffestional work as jurnaliste,not a Kagame propaganda as many of newspaper and radio are used to work.And we hope CNN management will insite Chritiane to do so.thanks

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