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Rwanda: Prof. Erlinder has denied all allegations – says his Kenyan defense attorney

Report concerning Peter Erlinder
(02 June 2010, 1611 Eastern Standard time)
From Kennedy Ogetto

This evening about an hour ago counsel Ogetto spoke to Peter at the hospital for 2 minutes (all that they could allow) in the presence of the policemen guarding him.

Please note that since the allegation of attempted suicide came through this morning, he has been unable to consult Peter to verify this allegation.

But for reasons I advanced earlier, the allegation is suspect given the fact that up to now no communication has been made to counsel regarding the circumstances surrounding the alleged suicide attempt including the time, the manner etc.

He (Erlinder) then stated he was revoking anything which may have been interpreted as offensive by the Rwandans.
Wonder what that means!!!

There is no reason why Peter would want to commit suicide. Significantly, attempted suicide is a crime in Rwanda and one wonders if the stage is being set to charge him with another crime.

Regarding the alleged confession counsel states authoritatively that there is no such thing- at least in the statements that he recorded before us.
Peter denied all the allegations. He denied his writings constitute any crimes. He emphasized that his writings and speeches are all protected by free speech guarantees under the US constitution and the laws of the commonwealth of which Rwanda is a member. He then stated he was revoking anything which may have been interpreted as offensive by the Rwandans . We don’t consider this to be a confession.
Kennedy Ogetto.

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