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Rwanda: Praising Kagame Is Distorting The Reality

You cannot be serious calling for praise of Kagame.

Let’s see the RPF invaded Rwanda in 1990 with the backing of Uganda. After the Arusha accords when it was clear that the RPF could not acquire power through democratic means, they invaded Rwanda again in 1994 within hours of assassinating to African presidents (Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamina of Burundi).

Then the RPF invaded the Congo in 1996 with Uganda’s support again. They invaded the Congo again in 1998, which has lead to millions dead in the Congo and the looting of Congo by both Rwanda and Uganda as is well documented by several UN Studies and the International Court of Justice – see 2005 ruling against Uganda.

RPF then engaged in a pitch battle inside Congo in Kisangani in 1999/2000 against their ally Uganda for control of diamond concessions, which resulted in many Congolese dead.

RPF has made hundreds of millions from Congo’s resources and have supported proxy rebel groups inside Congo as was well documented by the 2008 Group of Experts UN Report, which led Sweden and Netherlands to withdraw aid from Rwanda in protest of its destabilization of the Congo.

This is the history you want to celebrate and honor Kagame? Its only a matter of time before justice catches up with him for his crimes against humanity and possibly genocide he committed in the Congo.
See the UN Report by Roberto Garreton:

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