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Rwanda: Opposition leader Victoire Ingabire has confessed, says President Kagame

Here is an article from Daily Monitor in which Kagame claims Victoire Ingabire confessed seven out of ten counts.

Kagame speaks exclusively to Daily Monitor

Kampala – President Paul Kagame has defended the arrest of opposition politician Victoire Ingabire over allegations that she supported and funded groups linked to the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.
In an exclusive interview with Monitor Managing Editor Daniel Kalinaki in Kigali last week, President Kagame denied criticism that Ms Ingabire’s arrest was a ploy to keep the opposition politician from running in presidential elections in August.
First Ingabire isn’t accused of having been involved in the genocide because she was not here. She was abroad. She’s actually been out of the country for 17 years but that’s not the problem,” he said.

But before she came to contest in these elections she had been doing things that, in the end, would put her into trouble and she knew that.

We have evidence, which has been brought to her attention and about 10 things she has been denying. Now she’s saying that seven of them are actually true and this has come as a result of the overwhelming evidence that was put in front of her.”

Ms Ingabire denies the allegations and officials close to her, as well as international human rights groups and observers say her prosecution is politically motivated. However, President Kagame, who was nominated as the ruling RPF party candidate for the elections, said Ms Ingabire’s trial would go ahead.

In the wide-ranging interview, President Kagame also spoke about falling out with senior officials in his government, his relationship with France, Uganda and DR Congo but also takes some personal questions about his family and his own life.
Full interview on Monitor online on Sunday and Monday.


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