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Rwanda: Gakenke puts more efforts into providing better health services

Health officers in the initiation of DHMT

Health officers in the initiation of DHMT

The Ministry of Health has officially initiated District Health Management Team (DHMT) in Gakenke district a team that connects the district, hospitals and health centers for better health services in the district.

This team was initiated on Tuesday the 23rd.april.2013 when the officials from the Ministry of Health explained the operations of this team to the team members. Mathieu Niyonkuru who works in MINISANTE and who is in charge of following up the operations of DHMT in Gakenke district says this team will work on all health projects.

“DHMT will coordinate the health operations in the district that have been neglected. This team will make health services better in the district” he said.

“The Ministry of Health has many projects in the district that is sometimes not known b y the district administration, this team will therefore coordinate these projects as well as implementation of their action plan” Niyonkuru goes on to say.

This team will ensure that projects do not work on the same programs because they will be coordinated and people will participate in these programs.

“I need all local leaders in Gakenke district to get up and sensitize people about their health and how their lives can be compromised for them to seek out health services” says Zephyrin Ntakirutimana the vice mayor for social affairs.

DHMT committee is made up of the vice mayor for social affairs in the district, directors of the hospitals, 2 representatives of health advisors, the district health officer, Mutuelle de santé health insurance officials, the district pharmacist and officers in charge of the fight against AIDS in the district among others.

Source: Ubuzimabwacu


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