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Rwanda can not allow FDU-Inkingi to operate – Ombudsman

Kigali – In an interview offered to Fred Oluoch-Ojiwah of The New Times, the Chief Ombudsman, Tito Rutaremara, says that FDU-Inkingi can not be allowed to operate in Rwanda.

Still on the polls complaints abound from external sources to the effect that some political parties are not going to field a candidate like the unregistered FDU-Inkingi.

“It is a question of interpretation of what is good from what is bad. This political party that you are talking about has been branded as cooperating with known terrorist elements by the same western critics.

Once this same organization has been branded that way, how does the same western nation expect us to treat this political organization back at home? Do they want us to allow them to operate? The answer is a plain no. For us FDU-Inkingi is facing justice, rendering it technically incapable of participating in the upcoming polls. Investigations for this case is actually being sourced from these very western countries.

In conclusion, I can only comment by saying that such critical views whether they are from the West or wherever, can only be termed as hypocritical.”
Tito Rutaremara
Chief Ombudsman.

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