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Rwanda, April 2010 : Future is now

Dear compatriots, dear friends,

In April 1994, Rwanda has endured the genocide. The stains, scars, memories of it are still alive in our heads and hearts. It is a terrible thing to carry but how else can it be?

What should be remembered, in April is our families, our lives and our strength in going through this and rebuilding our hearts, minds and cities. And we know that the old feelings, the disagreements and conflicts are always lingering not too far at this painful time of the year ; but allowing them to come in is defeating the purpose.

Let’s remember in peace and dignity and let’s not allow our deaths to become a charity business and a lucrative slogan of a minority whose actions are not quite in touch with the reality of survivors.

Rebuilding a new Rwanda is a task that must welcome each and everyone or it will be like making new ruins right in place of the old ones…

Know our history and move forward,the future is now.

Agnes Murebwayire


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