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Rwanda alleges international conspiracy against Tutsis

Président d'IBUKA

President Theodore Simburudari of IBUKA developing his 'international conspiracy theory against Tutsis'

Kigali –  In the presence of Envoys from DR Congo and others accredited to Kigali, and picking-on opposition critic Victoire Ingabire, Genocide survivors organisation IBUKA claimed Tuesday that there is an international, regional and national conspiracy to “exterminate all Tutsis”, RNA reports.

Coming out strongly against what they described as “just commemorating the Tutsi Genocide” when governments and politicians continue to support the plan aimed at finishing Tutsis, survivors’ group IBUKA says “it is time” to act on the Rwandan FDLR rebels.

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in Kinyarwanda.

“Looking on as politicians operating here and the region which we have joined continue to propagate hate is evident that anybody Tutsi will remain being abused and killed,” said IBUKA president Theodore Simburudari, at Rebero to mark the end of the commemoration week.

Government officials, diplomats, genocide survivors and the Kigali community had converged at Rebero memorial site (Kicukiro) where politicians killed during the Tutsi Genocide are laid to rest. The site is dedicated solely to the politicians.

Congolese PM meets FDLR

Mr. Simburudari’s speech was entirely drawn from a UN investigation which detailed the international and regional networks of the FDLR militia. He accused opposition politician Victoire Ingabire of attending FDLR meetings and fundraising for the rebels – along with her party colleagues.

Disregarding diplomatic protocol, Mr. Simburudari used his lengthy speech to condemn DR Congo’s government which he claimed still supports the rebels. Without mincing words, he named Congolese PM Adolphe Muzito, saying he met the rebels in 2008.

In the midst of all diplomats, Mr. Simburudari named Spain, United States, Norway and Netherlands – as the countries which continue to harbour FDLR contacts and source of financing.

For France, the IBUKA leader said the fact that Paris had refused to cooperate with the UN investigators collecting information on the rebels, was testament of the double standard still prevalent. On Belgium, he said it also refused to give information to the UN team on Lt. Col Theophile Gakara, a top FDLR officer living there, and other individuals.

Germany, Mr. Simburudari said, only arrested FDLR chief Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka with his deputy Straton Musoni in November last year after the publication of the UN report.

Mr. Simburudari was not done yet, turning his guns on Uganda – where he claims the FDLR are getting recruits from Nakivale and Cyaka refugee camps in the south west, and in Congo. Some 10,000 Rwandan refugees are in these Ugandan camps. Thousands others are in DRC.

Biruta cools waters

Burundi was not left out either. The IBUKA head singled out intelligence chief Gen. Adolphe Nshimirimana – who he said “openly” arms the rebels with other police officers.

“Denouncing the FDLR is described as undermining political debate,” he said, sounding irritated.

Realizing that Mr. Simburudari’s comments could complicate the improving relations with Kinshasa, the Senate Speaker Dr. Vincent Biruta, who presided over the function, tried to play down DRC’s support to the rebels. He said even if there are other countries still helping the rebels, it was worthy to recognize the efforts of DR Congo and regional neighbours working together to end the problem.

Regional countries have showed willingness to solve the problem, said Biruta, but avoided mentioning FDLR directly in his brief intervention before he started reading from his written speech.

Done with the outside world, Mr. Simburudari shifted to inside Rwanda, wondering why government is not acting on opposition politicians mentioned in the UN report.

“The United Democratic Forces – FDU Inkingi led by Victoire Ingabire, and other political parties…are tangible examples also written in this report,” he said.

Listing FDU-Inkingi officials directly helping FDLR rebels, Mr. Simburudari named them as Victoire Ingabire, Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi and Antoinette Mukakimenyi.

However, the IBUKA head caused laughter when by the slip of the tongue, he said these FDU officials are “openly working with FPR”, in reference to the ruling party. He immediately corrected the mistake saying again: “openly working with FDLR”.



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